It’s Time for Christians to Grow Up | On the Objective with Steve Menking and Dr. Michael K. Lake

Join your host Steven Menking as he welcomes back author and teacher Dr. Michael Lake, the host of the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing podcast and the leader of Biblical Life College and Seminary. Dr. Lake expands upon a common theme of our recent broadcasts: the need for the body of Christ to overcome petty differences through forgiveness and to rise up in maturity to fulfill the call of God in our lives. The Lord deserves a harvest in this generation, and so many are still trapped in Christian crossfire and taken out of the battle by their own brothers and sisters. This is a critical call at a pivotal moment. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!


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  1. Thanks, Dr. Lake! Your message is always insightful and uplifting, even when the subject is difficult. May Adonai Elohim bless us with courage and shalom !

  2. Wow! A word for this time. I am humbled and moved to repentance. Your word has caused a paradigm shift for me. Also, your putting shoe leather to practical application of life situations. Praying before you go into Wal-Mart is a prime example of why I appreciate your teaching and philosophy. Thank You.

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