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  1. This is excellent! So timely and we’ll spoken and visualized! Thanks Dr. Mike. I will indeed be sharing this through my networks and FB blog page ….Days of Noah – Fallen Angels, Hybrids and the Alien Deception….
    I share information from a biblical world view on all these same topics and more along with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my hope and prayer that folks who are searching out answers to these sorts of topics on social media which the church is neglecting to address will come to salvation in Jesus and become prepared for the days that are coming!

    1. I do agree with you Pamela and I too will be sending this to friends, not sure how many will have the courage to listen all the way through, but can pray that they do.

  2. GREAT, Michael!
    I’ve just sent it to a few dozen friends, relatives, etc.; praying that something will get the attention of the comatose among them.


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