Biblical Life TV Begins Filming Again This Weekend

Biblical Life TV Begins Filming Again This Weekend

Biblical Life TV


It has been two full months of intense work and prayer to get our new building ready for our ministry to begin operations again. This weekend, we plan on filming another session for Biblical Life TV. We also still have one session we completed before the new building project, but have not had the time for post-production. We hope to have both sessions edited and uploaded next week.

Since our ministry was officially closed for the past two months, we have hundreds of emails and phone voice messages to go through. Please give us a couple of weeks to get everything caught up and back to normal.


Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Dr. Michael K. Lake


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  1. The new setup looks great!!!
    Can’t wait. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this ‘upgrade”.

  2. God is awesome so excited for your new digs and how all the needs are being met

    Fun to hear your excitement and the new doors opening as you have the facility to meet the day to day and the new and unknown. Praise the Father and His army angels that have walked with you.
    So be it!

  3. So happy to see the new space. <3 Mazel Tov! <

  4. God Bless you for all your hard work.
    Excited to see the new shows.
    Your books are truly eye, and mind opening amazing.
    My wife and I are faithful watchers from Honolulu, Hawaii.

  5. Blessings to Dr. Mike & Mary Lake! I love and appreciate both of you very much.
    Your podcasts are a blessing to me. Keep up the great work for the Lord as you continue on your upgrade. Everything looks wonderful and I am so happy for you guys. Looking forward to your first session.

    Take care, God Bless,


  6. Although I am new to KIB, I must say your set is very well done! Look forward to your broadcasts!

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