KIB 120 – Witchcraft, the President, and Moving Forward in God

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KIB 120 – Witchcraft, the President, and Moving Forward in God

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing
On today’s podcast, Dr. Lake and Mary discuss how witches are gathering against President Trump.  The actions of these witches reveal a truth:  The concept of global governance is occult in nature.  The Lakes suggest prayers for our leaders.  They compare the Exodus of God’s people from Egypt to a sovereign move of Almighty God today.  After 400 years of the enslavement of God’s people with occult power, the pharaoh believed that he was unstoppable and thought it laughable that anyone would dare challenge him.  We are on the brink of another of those moments; while those involved in the occult are staggering and scrambling to reassemble their master’s agenda for a complete takeover, God is bringing His people out of bondage so they will be able to stand against this wickedness.  This is only the beginning of the scrambling for those under the control of the kingdom of darkness, and their wickedness is going to be exposed.  Dr. Lake and Mary take a look at birthday celebrations and offer information that the listeners can use to determine how they acknowledge the birthdays of family and friends.
Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the newly released  book, The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition

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  1. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Lake! I love how you say we have so many more promises to claim than Job just because of when we are born! So true!
    However, I wonder, is one reason Christians are so weak against the enemy because there are so few strong Christian men that actually cast out the demons? I do not find it Biblical for a women to ever cast out a demon. Can a woman cast out a demon? Praying for you!

    1. I believe it is more of a Word, prayer, and fasting issue. The enemy has worked hard to disengage men spiritually. Mark 16:17 is not gender specific in English or in the Greek. Do not confuse spiritual headship and the authority of the believer. 🙂

    2. I cast out demons all the time and they HATE me for it (haha!), but it’s even more miraculous and effective when my husband and I do it in partnership together. If that’s all we did for the rest of our time here on earth, it would be enough to see God move and the captives set free. We love to see the power of Christ break bondages. Also I have never experienced so pure a love as when people I have wrestled along side in deliverance get free. I am often taken aback by their outpouring of sincere love. Then I realize, they are just loving Jesus through me and I am honored and moved to tears to be a part of so great a ministry. It erases all doubt and unbelief forever!

  2. DaughteroftheKing

    Women most definitely can be spiritual warriors, casting out demons and praying protection etc. I know that because I’m dealing with it now in my little girl. Especially as a parent, a woman has authority over her children. I’m not really sure yet what the spiritual headship of a man looks like, all I know is that abba has given me authority to take care of my daughter in the spiritual realm

    1. Unfortunately, with the very first couple in the Garden, things got messed up. Headship and the authority of the Believer are two different topics. Although this simple blog is not really the medium to deal with such a powerful and complex issue, women need to know spiritual authority is given to them and they need to learn to function that restored authority given by the completed work of Messiah!

      1. Yes! and Amen! “DaughteroftheKing” keep up the good work. Though the battle is hard, In time you will reap blessing in both your lives. I pray that God sustains you and keeps you from the “weariness of the way.” In his blessed name.

  3. I’ve been praying imprecatory prayers against the luciferians, and in studying the Torah portion Beshalach, which includes Exodus 14:24-25 how the Lord troubled the Egyptians by causing confusion and even took the wheels off their chariots in the red sea! I initially resisted praying like this, but the Lord showed me that it is an imperative to do so! The Lord God is doing this NOW! Thank you for your faithful teachings!

  4. Paul and Joy Gray

    We learned a lot of new things tonight listening to this and we especially love praying along,with you at the end of the podcast. Anointed!
    Thank you both!

  5. What a blessing to know there is someone (perhaps 7000 more?) out there on the exact same page I am on.

    1. 4 years ago I knew nothing about Korean Culture, but the Lord has placed a compassion on my heart for the Korean people. I have also spent many years studying paganism from around the world. Baek-il (sounds like bake-eel) literally means 100 days. Many cultures would not celebrate or even name a child until a certain amount of time passed because they felt a spirit of chaos would weed out those too weak to survive. SamShin literally means Three gods/spirits represents the goddess of the hearth that protects babies. As is often found in the occult she is a representation of the triune nature of women. The virgin, the mother and the grandmother. I literally just researched this two weeks ago.
    2. I understand how hard it is to fight the family traditions and have the elders look at you like you’re crazy for not wanting to celebrate birthdays, etc. I believe God has compassion on people however, if you are going to mature in Christ (no longer babes), you have to become a “young man”. You will have his word abide in you and overcome the enemy. The age of majority in Israel was 20 (not 13) when a man was responsible to bring his own offering in the temple. They were also then allowed to marry and more importantly fight on behalf of Israel. The Lord showed me that the American church is full of “babes” who are “saved for his name’s sake” but he needs brothers and sister who are willing to grow up and fight the war on his behalf. As soldiers, we have different expectations. “Others may but, you cannot.” That is why some people are able to celebrate these traditions and God’s mercy rests on them while those set apart for active duty are expected to live differently. My old pastor chided me saying, “You can’t go around believing there is a demon behind every rock.” And the Lord said to me later, “But a soldier has to live as though there is or he will be caught unaware.”
    3. That is an awesome revelation about Job’s children being punished possibly for celebrating their birthday. I will look more into that.
    4. I was just asking the Lord why his altars were made with unhewn stones a few days ago and I believe today’s briefing held the answer. The anti-christ system always wants the people to be “just another brick in the wall.” But God’s temple is built of unique individuals who are allowed to retain the nature God gave them from the beginning. What a wonderful Lord and Savior who values us exactly as we are!
    I have other things I want to comment on today’s broadcast, but I’ll refrain. I’m still learning that not everything God reveals to me is for everyone. I hope I get this lesson down soon.
    Your briefings are always so rich with wisdom, I could do a line by line commentary. Thank you, my family now wants to move to the Ozarks so you can be our pastors. Even my grown children. Again thank you, We are keeping you in prayer, and asking God how we can support your ministry. God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand!

  6. I was feeling quite down today hearing that the dark side has initiated an attack on Jeff Sessions. I guess he is very close to exposing them, hence he is their current target. The attacks on Trump and God’s will for the people are relentless. Not even a moment to breathe since Trump’s speech on the 28th. I was looking for words from strong Christians and your March 1 podcast sounded like just the right thing. I listened to your podcast; I wept; I prayed; and I thank you for your words that were just what I needed to hear to keep fighting.

  7. I listened to Mary Lou on NYSTV and i am thanking God for the message that explained a lot to me. My father was in the military we moved around different countries a lot. Horrible childhood, and only now beginning to become aware that i didn’t make it to adulthood unscathed. Dad died a month off his 60th birthday. Almost everyone of our neighbours have lost their fathers, officers, relatively young. So much resonated with me and I know that listening to you was an answer from God. This is why i signed up for the website. I’m absorbing the podcasts and enjoying very much the wisdom and lessons I’m hearing. I find myself unable to understand though, the reference made to colour. White or black has nothing to do with the truth or following Yeshua. I am a black african woman and i strongly believe the kingdom of God is not colour coated. I have seen racism in the believers body as well as a lot of preconceived ideas about what people of colour believe. I pray for discernment in what i hear, and i always seek to understand more without taking or giving offence.

  8. Prayer for President Trump:
    Proverbs 25:5 – Take away the wicked from before the king & his throne shall be established in righteousness.
    Numbers 10:35: Rise up O Lord, & let Thine enemies be scattered; & let them that hate Thee flee before Thee.

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