We Are Done with YouTube

Once again, YouTube violated our freedom of speech as we were sharing issues related to current events and end-time prophecy. Although we only have one “so-called” strike, it has been several weeks since we have been allowed to post any videos on their service.

As far as we are concerned, YouTube has earned too many strikes with us, and we are abandoning this service. We encourage believers to abandon any tech service that violates our constitutional rights or religious freedoms. It is time to stop making them money from us when their services are being used against us. This is just plain common sense. They are counting on users being lazy and not going through the hassle of using another service. Let’s prove them wrong. Go Woke – Go Broke!

You can find Biblical Life TV, the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing, and the Kingdom War Room on our Rumble channel: http://www.rumble.com/biblicallifetv

Updated: November 5, 2022 — 1:42 pm