We Are Back from Vacation, But . . .

We Are Back from Vacation But . . .

We try our best to protect our office equipment. We have a whole building surge protector and each electric plugin has its own surge protector too. However, we have returned to our offices from vacation to discover both high-speed internet modems do not work, neither is our phone system, wifi router or credit card terminal. (We are still checking other equipment)

MediaCom was quick to send out a truck to get us back on the Internet with a new cable modem. It will take a few days to get everything else either replaced or a repairman scheduled to repair the lines or equipment.

Updated: July 5, 2019 — 5:53 pm


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  1. Praying the repairs go easier than expected. You’ve been missed.

  2. So sorry, Pray that you had a wonderful vacation and returned well rested with good news for your followers who love you. You should know that the evil one will never leave you alone. I will pray that your equipment is in tip top shape by this time. I have missed you. Peggy Jordan

  3. Sorry about the unpleasant surprise after a WELL DESERVED VACATION. WE MISS YOU BOTH, THANK GOD FOR YOUR CATALOG PAST PROGRAMS we renew our mind with your anointing teaching . Our prayers are with you all in those moments. MAY THE PEACE OF GOD CALM YOUR FRUSTRATION AND ALLOW YOU TO ACCEPTED THAT CHALLENGE KNOWING THAT GOD IS IN CHARGE . Your truly

  4. We love you guys! Take your time. You are worth the wait!!!!

  5. Sounds like you must have something important to say & the enemy is up to old tricks to delay God’s word. God’s word is perfect and His timing is perfect.
    Praise God you & Mary had time to refresh and are safely home.

    1. (bridget..)…crossed my mind..prayers…

  6. Yeaaah!! So glad you’re back, missed you!
    So sorry for the tech issues you’re faced with on return.

  7. So happy to see you return. Don’t stress with the technical difficulties and just take your time. Really excited to hear from you and we will pray for your equipment. Love ❤️ to you both.

  8. Bob & Liz Manditch

    Welcome back Michael & Marylou – you have ben missed. We hope you had a great holiday and are well rested.
    (Perhaps you can turn off the equipment next vacation).
    Bless you and your ministry in Jesus’ name,
    Bob & Liz – Melbourne Australia

  9. Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. Hopefully well rested and refreshed too, having accomplished alot of good work in the process.
    Seems however that the devil was hard at work causing his usual chaos.
    Praying the blood of Jesus over you all and your studio and tech equiptment. No weapon formed against you shall prosper!!!
    Greater is Jesus in you than he who is in the world! Praying all to be restored quickly and easily in Jesus name!
    Dr Mike, Marylou and your podcasts have been missed. Looking forward to hearing your wonderful, inspired teachings thtough the Holy Spirit once again!
    Blessing and peace to you both in Jesus!

  10. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.~ Isaiah 40:31

    You two were missed! Welcome back.
    Psalm 118:24
    Isaiah 54:17

  11. Always use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), which protect from brownouts and blackouts.

    1. We do always use UPS, plus a state-of-the-art whole building surge suppressor and individual ones on each outlet. However, the lightning did not come in through the electric. It came in through the phone and internet cable lines. Centurylink and MediaCom provided quick service. The modems and routers have been replaced. We now have the phones repaired. But we are still working on a few other things that were directly wired to the modems. I was told that even if everything had been turned off, the lightning would have still burned out the equipment that it hit.

  12. Glad you are back! Was listening to your Hunters Point last mtg of conference. You said something about Yah’s sound breaking the stronghold. I can testify to that in my life as I had a stronghold that Yah literally broke down with the sound of His shofar when He supernaturally awoke me. I knew I was to stop the life I was living. That very night He immediately had me sit with a Bible and starting from Genesis He began to teach me His word. I could hardly put the book down and when He was through with me I knew to observe His Shabbat and feasts and to eat according to His instructions. Satan buffeted me in a big way but I knew what Yah showed me. He has been faithfully teaching me since and I praise Him for it! Yes, Yahveh’s has a resonance that literally breaks strongholds and transforms us! Halleluyah!

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