Vacation Time to Biblical Life and the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


Vacation Time at Biblical Life & the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


We are about to enter into vacation time at Biblical Life and the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing. Each year, we take off from Father’s Day through the Fourth of July. It will be great to take a break from the daily duties of ministry to spend time relaxing, enjoying family, and having more free time for a little research.


Although we will not be answering emails or our phones during this time, we already have prepared KIB podcasts to be released automatically while we are away. We will also be releasing a new article entitled, “Examining the Son of Perdition – Part 2,” which will also be featured in the SkyWatch TV Digital Magazine in June.


We will be back in the office on July 6, refreshed and ready for many new and exciting projects.


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  1. Have a wonderful vacation!! Somehow we’ve got to catch up with all your podcasts during that time. We keep listening over & over again to the earlier ones and still need to listen to the newer ones. There’s so much meat in them all it’s difficult to digest them in one sitting. Thank you and may God bless you all with rest and inspiration during your time off!!

  2. Enjoy the much needed rest and God Bless. You might want to think drowning a couple of worms. Camp fire fish tastes great.

  3. You guys are awesome and deserve the best! I hope that you have a great vacation filled with ALL the blessings the Holy Spirit can pour upon you BOTH…in Jesus name! Be blessed, be safe and be happy my friends:)

  4. Shalom Mike and Mary! We’re actually up in the PA. mountains for some r an r ourselves. Praying your time away is as restful, inspirational and blessed as it can possibly be!
    I am so grateful for your obedience to our Wonderful Creator’s Holy Spirit. This has been a blessing greater than you can imagine to a multitude of precious folks.
    May each one of us as His people remain humble and teachable by that “still, small voice” of His Holy Spirit in the days ahead. He has big plans for us ! 🙂

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