Understanding the Kingdom – Part 40

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 40

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The greatest need of our hour is for the world to see Jesus through His Body in the Earth.  Yet, what much of the organized Church displays in carnality and the seeds of chaos from modern liberalism.  In this session, Dr. Michael Lake begins his introduction of presenting the whole King to a world filled with sin.  The concept includes:
  • The King’s Character:  The Fruit of the Spirit
  • The King’s Heart:  The Motivational Gifts
  • The King’s Ministry of Preparing the Body:  The Fivefold Ministry
  • The Expression of the King’s Kingdom:  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The King’s Authority:  The Believer under the Authority of the King and Moving in Authority in the Earth
A balanced approach to these topics is essential for the Remnant in our generation.


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  1. Thank you! Thank you !!! My hearts cry and passion is what you are preaching. I have been out of the church too long and do not know where to go. My spirit man is starving.

    1. Well. you found a great place to sit down at the King’s table. Our YouTube channel has several hundred videos. You will also find hundreds more in MP3 audio in the Digital Library at http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org

  2. dear brother that teaching was most excellent again,im well please at how your teaching is encouraging the remnant praise Yeshua!Shalom Alecheim

  3. How and why can people be so unkind God bless you Dear brother . You have kept many of us very encouraged in our walk in the Kingdom. Keep doing what you are doing with your lovely wife. Jesus Christ be with you Blessings and greetings from England

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