Understanding the Kingdom – Part 20

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 20

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BLTV_logoWe are now moving on into the life of David.  In this episode, Dr. Lake examines the heart and how it is essential in operating in the Kingdom of God.  King Saul was a man that originally was small in his own eyes:  it was then that the Almighty made him king over Israel.  In the process of his reign, Saul became so much bigger in his own eyes that he no longer followed the commands (and commandments) of God.  This is then compared to the Narcissistic Generation of today that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:4-14, and the progression of iniquity and a heart that is cold toward God is examined.  Finally, David’s heart is examined within the biblical text and we discover why God wanted him to replace King Saul.  WARNING:  Dr. Lake was on a roll in this session.  He packed more information and Kingdom revelations in this one hour and 22 minute teaching than he has in quite some time.  Make sure to have your bibles open, and pen and paper ready when listening to this one!
Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary, and is the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the soon to be released book, The Sheeriyth Imperative.


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  1. Great message.

  2. just 27 min into the message and i am overwhelmed..your ministry has a very strong anointing and this is just as powerful and hits right between the eye. HALLELUYAH! HALLELUYAH! HALLELUYAH.! I never identified with any one group nor did i ever answer the race questions on the forms..Now back to the rest of the message.

  3. WOW! every word that was said is true. Prayers go up to YHWH for you and your family. Thank you Brother Lake. Shalom peace grace and prosperity to you and family.

  4. Love the story about the fog machine. It comes off the blog The Babylon Bee which is a satire site in the same vein as The Onion. They also have a story on their site about a sniper that takes out people who get too excited and raise their hands in church. The stories should not be taken literally, but like all good satire they do evoke a reflection on the state of things in the church and society.

    1. Unfortunately, I was not talking about the story for the Babylon Bee. They had to get the idea from somewhere. Fact can be stranger than fiction.

  5. wendi ellis rivers

    Shalom. I just finished the kingdom (part 21) sermon. .. and yes, I felt conviction, and rightly so. It drove me to my knees.. right where I needed to be. May God continue to pour out his annointing and blessings upon your ministry. You and Mary are both in my prayers. Thank you. Wendi

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