TSR 117: Dr. Michael Lake and Spiritual Dynamics of Two Kingdoms

the_sharpening_reportTSR 117: Dr. Michael Lake and Spiritual Dynamics of Two Kingdoms

In possibly the most vitally important TSR episodes to date (as you can see in the timestamped topics below), special guest Dr. Michael Lake joins host Josh Peck to provide us with the proper way to interpret difficult scriptures. Have you found yourself confused about Hebrew Roots Theology, the Hyper Grace Movement, the Law VS Grace arguments, and the role to Torah should play in the life of the believer? Dr. Lake lays it all out in a way anyone can understand. He also provides precise scripture, as well as other tools, to equip the audience to look into these things individually. Dr. Lake holds nothing back in this thrilling exciting, and all-too-important episodes of The Sharpening Report. This is one you certainly will not want to miss!

0:00 – Introduction
3:36 – Why Two Kingdoms Information is Vital to Christians
10:32 – Learning and Loving the Torah
14:12 – Searching for the Truth
16:48 – Kingdoms and New Testament Torah Doctrines
25:02 – Extremist Confusion and Defining Lines
36:59 – Hebrew Roots against Works Salvation
41:59 – Keeping Things Simple
43:13 – Rightly Dividing the Word, Monotheism, and the Trinity
48:09 – The Bride, the Church, the Remnant, and the Jesus-defined Torah
57:42 – Viewer Questions
58:24 – Damage of the Sethite Theory
1:01:19 – Utilizing the Spiritual Warfare Armor of God
1:03:07 – Dr. Lake’s Future Projects and Continuing on the Armor of God
1:05:03 – The Importance of a Humble Spirit
1:08:07 – Dr. Lake’s Introduction to Hebraic Heritage
1:10:25 – The Diminishing Power of the Kingdom of God in America
1:15:29 – Teaching our Kids about the Kingdoms
1:18:03 – Nimrod and Amraphel Connections
1:19:36 – The Hebrew Calendar, 6,000 Year Creation, and the Return of Jesus
1:23:56 – The Rapture in the Harvests and Preparedness
1:26:53 – The Shekinah Glory and Kabbalah
1:28:18 – End of Viewer Questions
1:29:03 – Contact and Online Ordering Information
1:31:06 – Biblical Life College and Seminary Information
1:32:43 – Final Thoughts
1:34:11 – Conclusion

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  1. Oh my goodness….I have been taught wrong about shekinah….I was taught that it is the ultimate glory of God. Thank you Dr. Michael Lake for correcting my beliefs on that.

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