The Sheeriyth Imperative Special Report – Forward by Douglas Hagmann


The Sheeriyth Imperative Special Report

Foreword by Douglas Hagmann – The Hagmann and Hagmann Report


It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

– Proverbs 25:2

The majority of people living today, particularly those who consider themselves knowledgeable of current events seem to agree that there is something evil operating behind a thin veil of normalcy. Even more remarkable than this growing collective acknowledgement is an increased discernment among those having a Biblical worldview that despite all appearances, this evil is neither chaotic nor random, but appears to be adhering to a predefined course or plan.

Dr. Michael Lake, though his masterful work The Shinar Directive, Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, explained in exquisite detail the evil that is at work behind the veil of normalcy. Like a seasoned and accomplished trial lawyer presenting evidence to a jury, Dr. Lake decisively revealed the machinations of a pervasive evil conspiracy, tracing it from the days of Nimrod where it was refined in the ancient city of Babylon on the plains of Shinar to the present day.

The evil is real, the agenda sinister, and the lie being perpetuated over mankind is vast and threatens our eternal salvation. In order to overcome this agenda of evil, it must be contextualized through the lens of Holy Scripture. But first, it must be identified, and then understood. At that point, the remnant becomes intellectually and spiritually armed to prevail over the trappings of this sinister plan.

Enter Dr. Michael Lake, and the scholarly depth he provides in The Sheeriyth Imperative.

Despite the recent explosion of books written and thrust upon the public pertaining to biblical end-times, conspiratorial history, yet-to-be fulfilled prophecies and their intersection with current events, there are only a few works that actually succeed in exposing not just the plan and its origins, but contain instructional measures for the remnant church. Dr. Lake expertly provides both.

Having spent most of my adult life as a professional investigator and much of that time inside various courtrooms, I believe in my ability to evaluate facts presented as evidence, and evaluate evidence based on the integrity and scope of such research. The verity of that evidence becomes exponentially more important to me as a Christian searching for a deeper understanding of events taking place on the world stage.

When one considers the big picture of world events, coupled with our responsibility as Christians, and the fact that our eternal salvation and that of our loved ones hang in the balance, it becomes even more incumbent upon us to search out a matter methodically and with intellectual clarity and honesty. We must also do so without hyperbole, but against the test of the Holy Scriptures. Again, Dr. Lake does exactly that, providing the reader with evidence based on his extensive research that would certainly withstand even the most strenuous examination by a jury.

Consider that we are members of the jury and are in the midst of the biggest and most important trial in the history of mankind. Unlike traditional trials, however, where jurors are tasked with deciding the fate of others, we are actual active participants in this earthly venue where our decisions will determine the consequences of our own eternal fate. Given the gravity of the outcome, I suspect each of us would want, even demand, the best evidence to be provided to us for our own assessment. It would become our primary objective to learn as much as possible about not just the insidiously orchestrated plan by the enemies of God to destroy us, but to also seek solid Biblically based instructions on how to overcome these evil machinations and prevail in our earthly trial.

Christians who read their Bible with daily devotion are provided with divine information and inspiration. It is imperative, now more than at any other time in human history, that we interact with the Word of God, move closer, and seek the Holy Spirit as the Word becomes alive within its pages.

Christians who read The Sheeriyth Imperative are provided with actionable intelligence on the sinister forces of the encroaching darkness that is being felt across the globe, and will be able to recognize the traps set before us, today and in the coming days.

Consider The Sheeriyth Imperative as the magnum opus written by Dr. Lake for all Christians seeking a greater depth of understanding of not just the evil agenda playing out in real time, but as a valuable playbook for the remnant.



Douglas J. Hagmann

Host, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Author, Stained by Blood:  A Murder Investigation




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  1. You wrote a beautiful forward to one of the most important and timely writings of this day. We are seeing biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes. Thank you for opening the door to a book filled with enlightening truth written by a servant of God who has the heart of a rabbi. Praying for you all in these troublesome days.

    God Bless you

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