The Sheeriyth Imperative Short Interview on Prophecy Watchers

 The Sheeriyth Imperative Short Interview on Prophecy Watchers

I recently traveled to the studios of Prophecy Watchers in Oklahoma City to record several interviews with Gary Stearman. Here is the short teaser interview. The two full interviews will be released over the next several weeks.


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  1. Dr. Michael! That was well done! You articulated so well this powerful truth! Thank you for your heartfelt love and commitment to the Lord to equip us in the body of Jesus Christ!

  2. I just finished reading this great book by Dr Lake. I wish I had read the Shinar Directive first but havent found it yet. Is there a way to source these books in Canada or is there an opportunity to become a distributor of buy in bulk and resell here in Canada.

    1. Folks have been finding The Shinar Directive on Amazon Canada in the past. It is also available in Kindle format. Defender Publishing is still shipping books to Amazon, so I don’t know if Amazon is still then shipping to Canada and the U.K.

  3. I’m impressed!
    The way it was compared to today’s digital obsessions as being incomparable to what we’ve been given in Christ. So hard to get through sometimes,especially with today’s generation.

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