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KIB 423 – The Coming Changes and the Work Ahead of Us

There is no more time for games.  Judgment is going to start in the House of God and then forward to judge Mystery Babylon.  It is the task of the Remnant to wash themselves in repentance and the Word to ensure no trace of Babylon remains in or on them!  The Body needs to be free, whole, and empowered by Heaven to move forth for the final Harvest for our King.

KIB 422 – Preparation of the Bride and the Last Days

This year (2024) will be marked as a time of purifying, accelerated learning, and fresh empowerment for the Remnant.  It will also be marked with the enemy of humanity placing key elements of control into place to enslave all of humankind and to prepare them for the arrival of the son of perdition.  Our task is to yield to the time of preparation by the Spirit of God so that we will be prepared for the days ahead.

KIB 421 – How Deep Do You Want God to Go?

We know from scripture that God will eventually judge Mystery Babylon. He is also preparing to judge many things now, even as we race toward His ultimate judgment. In this hour, the judgment is proportional to how the Church judges itself and returns to Kingdom purity. Heaven asks, “How deep do you want me to do?” God will radically judge if we go deep and radically cleanse our lives from the stench of Babylon.

KIB 420 – Through the Shaking to the Promise

In Judges 12:1-7, we read a story that could be reflected in today’s headlines regarding the Church.  The Ammonites threatened God’s people.  There was a leader of the Gileadites named Jephthah.  Almighty God had raised Jephthah as a judge to deal with this threat.  Jephthah had reached out to the tribe of Ephraim for assistance, but Ephraim refused to assist him.  Once God gave Jephthah the victory, Ephraim rose in jealousy and threatened to burn his house down with him and his family in it.  Jealousness among ministries and leaders is still common today.  We need to move beyond the works of the flesh and become Kingdom-oriented in all we do to move on to God’s promises!

KIB 419 – Being in One Accord and the Approaching Storm

America is on a collision course with both the judgment of God and the incompetence of our leaders.  Being of one accord can provide the power and protection of God during the storm.  But what does it mean to be in one accord biblically, and how do we achieve it?  These are questions that the Remnant need to ask in the Last Days.

KIB 418 – Feast of Dedication and Approaching Judgment

The Feast of Dedication is about driving out Hellenism from our lives and restoring the Temple for use by Almighty God.  When appropriately observed, the prophetic rhythm of the Feasts brings us back into synchronicity with Heaven. It prepares us for the unfolding of end-time prophecy – to include the quickly approaching judgment of God.

KIB 224 – The Hunger for Dark Light and God’s Coming Judgment

In this episode, the Lakes discuss the history, pervasiveness, and intoxication that society and much of the modern church has with the dark light of Lucifer and the Mystery Religions. More importantly, God is about to move in judgment against this dark light for the sake of the Remnant and His great name. It is now time to examine ourselves to ensure that the leaven of Mystery Babylon has not infected our souls. We need to be clean before the Lord as He moves in judgment!