Spiritual Warfare 101 Part 2: Doors

Spiritual Warfare 101 Part 2: Doors with Dr. Michael and Mary Lake

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing – Episode 41


podcast_logo_2Dr. Michael and Mary Lake continue their study on Spiritual Warfare basics. In this episode, they examine spiritual doors created in our lives by what we think, say, and do. These doors or gateways can open our lives either to the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness. They also discuss how past wounds, whether from childhood or ministry, can also open doors to the enemy in our lives. Heaven is releasing a fresh anointing for healing and restoration to empower the Remnant as end-time prophecy unfolds before us today.

If you have problems listening to the podcast through the embedded player, you can download it here: ย Download MP3 Podcast.


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  1. Do you have a way I can download this teaching to listen? I have very limited internet data so cannot stream these as they will use up all my internet data but if you post them on Youtube I can download them and listen by mp3.

    1. Just right-mouse click on the link and use the “save as” option to download the file to your computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Right click on what link? There is only the link that came in the email and you can’t save it from that?

        1. We have too many websites. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have added a download link at the bottom of the post. I had forgotten that on the KIB site that it was only embedded into the page. We will add download links in the future. All of our podcasts are available to download at http://biblicallife.libsyn.com

  2. Wow. It just keeps getting better and better! You keep hitting all my ouches and making the tears flow. I’m agreeing with every prayer and trusting that YHWH is working out all the stuff that I don’t know to pray for. (I know about the stuff, I just don’t know the details.) YHWH knows how to get me from this detail to that detail in the correct order, and I’m content to let Him carry me. Mary, I just love you! You are awesome! I wish I could just sit in your living room awhile and let you mother me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Listening to this podcast was a perfect way to spend our Sabbath evening. It touches on so many issues to reinforce the direction God has set us on to unlearn, correct, and walk in KOG things that no other ministry has ever taught that we have heard. Understanding about pleading the blood of Jesus on our open doors has been a blessing. And God has been faithful in revealing those doors one by one for us to repent of and turn from. Thank you both so much for your efforts!!! FYI, sharing your personal experiences and being down-to-earth makes it real and doable.
    Connie, I agree with your whole comment and especially about being with & letting Mary mother you. I’d be there in a heartbeat too!

  4. DO you have a written transcript available of this (and other) teaching(s)?

    1. Tom:

      We have so many irons on the fire for our ministry, transcribing (or paying for a service to transcribe) is just not possible.

  5. Thank you so much for being so real and personal in your podcasts. It truly feels like Mary said that we are sitting in your living room. Your podcasts are so refreshing and life-giving that I now want to go back & listen to them all! Thank you not only for your pastoral exhortations, but your sobering warnings as well. I had felt extremely drawn to Hebraic Roots lifestyle ten years ago, but literally ran away from the religious spirits that dominated in my area. Your simple balanced presentation was so full of God’s grace and truth, I look forward to finally ‘coming home’ like the prodigal. -KHP

    1. I hope that you feel at home with the podcasts and our videos on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/biblicallife ) God is moving in our time to prepare the Remnant for end-time ministry!

  6. Y’all are such a blessing to listen to. Thank you so much.
    Cindy King (S.C.)

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