SkyWatchTV Coming Soon!

SkyWatchTV is Coming Soon!

It is exciting to see a vision that God has given to one of His servants come to pass!  Dr. Tom Horn and Raider News Update will be releasing SkyWatchTV shortly.

I had the privilege of traveling to Crane, MO to film one of the first pilot shows with Gary Stearman.  It was a great time of fellowship.  I was able to meet other ministers and authors:

  • Derek and Sharon Gilbert
  • Terry James
  • Bob Ulrich

The initial episodes of SkyWatchTV should be ready to view online by the first of the year.  Dr. Horn and Raider News Update plan on releasing SkyWatchTV on several Christian Networks in the months to come.  Please keep this God inspired endeavor in your prayers!

Dr. Michael K. Lake


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  1. looking forward.

  2. I can not wait for the new channel to be up. I have learned so much from Dr. Horn and Mr. Stearman. Things that I have been prevy to from some friends in places I can not mention. But these gentleman bring the real interuptation of what Bible prophecy is all about.

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