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Between reviews on and all the emails we are receiving, readers are loving “The Shinar Directive.”


Here are a few comments from our readers:

The Defender Publishing 101 Overview Book

Your book fills a big need.  To write a book with such clarity, and a tremendous breadth, in 352 pages is a great accomplishment and I’m sure took a lot of discipline to keep it at this size.   And as an overview book, it is a heavy-hitter book, packed with content and not a fast read.    The market is flooded with books with great detail on various topics, each examining one part of the elephant, but this book helps look at the whole elephant.  It should almost be a Defender Publishing 101 overview book, and from there depending on one’s interest of study, go off into specialty (aka rabbit holes) books like Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Rob Skiba, Chuck Missler, Russ Dizdar, Terry James, Mark/David Flynn, et al.    It provides an introductory and overview framework to base further study, although you go into a surprising amount of depth to accompany the breadth.   And listening to your homespun humor (from the prosperity seminar on the DVD), you & your wife’s personal experience (I ordered your wife’s book as well), and down-to-earth practical advice like the last 3 chapters of the book that give us a game plan, tells me that this is not just theory but something you have lived out.

The Shinar Directive – a new standard for Bible prophecy study, research and interpretation.

One of the finest Bible prophecy books I have ever read, Dr. Michael Lake has produced an instant classic of the new paradigm of prophetic interpretation. This is a book about the anti-Christ system of Mystery Babylon and the under-acknowledged influence of Nimrod and ancient Babylon on the stream of history. Dr. Lake cites classical sources, Hebraic word studies and some of the other new prophetic writers to bring the reader a comprehensive understanding of how, from the beginning of time, Satan conspired with fallen man to counterfeit God’s promise of a redeemer and of a place of promise with Him. Satan’s masterpiece was Nimrod, the original tyrant, who carried within him the secret occult power that dominated the pre-flood world (Atlantis) and infected mankind with the Nephilim curse. The result was the New Atlantis — the ultimate totalitarian political-financial-religious system in defiance of God. Originally established at Babylon, the satanic conspiracy rolled down though history, infecting all of the societies, governments and people it came into contact with — even corrupting God’s people, Israel, and infiltrating the church. Dr. Lake covers this vast material in an easy to follow style that will guide the reader through the layers of the conspiracy from Genesis to Revelation. This is the new paradigm of prophecy, one that incorporates an understanding of Hebrew literary conventions, a supernatural worldview, the prophetic role of Islam and the conspiracy view of history. Those accustomed to the old “Dallas Theological Seminary” prophecy model will be uncomfortable with some of this material. That’s unfortunate, because that old paradigm ignored historical realities like the role of the Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) and the Babylonian nature of Roman Catholicism; unpleasant possibilities such as America’s occult heritage and her role in the conspiracy as the New Atlantis; and Biblical prophetic truths that can only be understood in terms of the events of Genesis and by a grasp of the original Hebrew meaning of words. The Shinar Directive is highly recommended.

It is nice to see a scholar having the temerity to discuss …

Dr. Michael Lake’s latest installment is a daring proclamation as to the proliferation of subversive evil in the world today and its beginnings. Not only does he cover numerous esoteric societies prevalent in culture, choosing to undermine Almighty God’s plan for humanity but provides a plethora of documental evidence as to their genesis, the paragon of which is Mystery Babylon. His exhaustive research surrounding the progenitor of the mystery religions (Nimrod) is worth the price of the book alone and the numerous references at the end of the book are tantamount to the level of extensive research undertaken for what could be his ‘magnum opus’. Hopefully there is plenty more where this came from in future volumes! It is nice to see a scholar having the temerity to discuss topics not often covered in academia or Christian circles, largely because many authors choose not to ‘go there’ for fear of backlash or ridicule. The nefarious schemes of the enemy at the highest levels of leadership in government and private organizations need to be exposed and this body of work serves as an arrow fired deep into the heart of the occult.

The Shinar Directive is Excellent!

To get the amount of information in this book you would have to read many others. He updates, organizes and adds to many other authors on this topic. If you are only going to read one end times book this year or if you want to give a book to a novice to bring them up to speed, get this book.

Finding Pieces to the Scriptural Puzzle

After reading the overview series via Raiders News Network pertaining to Dr. Lake’s book, I could not wait to get my hands on a copy.  His work exceeded my expectations, and I finished it in a week.  As a Christ-follower, and avid Bible reader, for the past few years I had unanswered questions formulated in my mind via scripture and needed closure and a way to connect the historical and prophessorial dots.  Most of those unknowns were expertly addressed in The Shinar Directive, and it helped me tremendously to fill in the missing, and sometimes hidden, pieces of the scriptural puzzle.  I am now better equipped to enter into discussions with fellow believers, and also non-believers, in preparation for upcoming world events and where they originated from.  Dr. Lake’s work is truly amazing, his faith in the Lord solid and his research quite impressive.  I commented to my wife that I (at age 53) wanted to study under Dr. Lake!  A must read for any true Christian who wants to also do a self-analysis of the spiritual path they are currently traversing.

 The Shinar Directive Brings Clarity!

I just finished The Shinar Directive. I simply could not put it down!  I kept falling asleep and waking up because I didn’t want to sleep at night and just wanted to keep reading LOLs.  Superlative job man, and not just digging up the nuggets, but in the polishing and melting into such a wonderful instrument of clarification of humanity’s manifest altered reality so clear and with the only solution and way out defined at the end. KUDOS!


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  1. I recently finished reading The Shinar Directive and found it very interesting. Much of what is written parallels what I have believed. That is, Rimrod, as a hybrid (Nephilim), will be resurrected and be known as the Antichrist. The Antichrist, in my opinion, will be a large person, extremely intelligent and articulate. He cannot be an ordinary human being. His overall demeanor and appearance will be extremely captivating…a solver of world problems. I believe too, he will come on the scene shortly after the Rapture attempting to bring peace which I think will follow WW3 (Psalm 83). There has to be a period of so many years after the Rapture before Antichrist confirms the 7 year covenant with Israel. I highly recommend Dr. Lake’s book, The Shinar Directive. It is very well written!

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