What Are You Pressing Toward in 2015

What Are You Pressing Toward in 2015?

In Philippians 3:13-14, the Apostle Paul provides spiritual wisdom for overcoming the past and moving forward to what each of our purposes are in the Body of Christ.  It seems that a trap of the enemy is either to cause us to continually dwell on failures and wounds of the past or to live only in past accomplishments.  God is not done with us yet!  Believers are facing some of the greatest challenges of our times and God is releasing a fresh anointing to prepare us and empower us to rise to meet the unfolding of end-time prophecy in a powerful way.  This message can be a real game-changer in your life.  Isn’t it time that you take your life out of neutral and begin moving toward the Kingdom purpose for your life and family?

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