KIB 384 – The Destruction of Western Society through Iniquity

Western society is built on the Protestant ethic of the Reformation, which drew heavily on a biblical Judeo-Christian theological foundation.  The workers in the priesthood of darkness have labored for over 100 years to destroy the very fabric of our society.  Believers today find themselves in a boiling cauldron of the occult’s making.  Our only hope is to return to biblicity, reject the tacit influence of the Mystery Religions, and become salt and light in the earth once again.

Switching from DVD to MP4 Video on USB Drives

Over the past couple of years, producing DVDs has become problematic. We have run diagnostics on our equipment and found no problems. Yet, without warning, we will have some that have purchased a series online have problems with a set of DVDs. One of our customers suggested placing the videos in MP4 on a USB thumb drive. Most new TVs, DVD/Bluray players, and computers have a USB port to play MP4 videos. The equipment and a supply of USB thumb drives have been ordered, and we will begin production this week.

Kib 383 – Breaking Footholds and Strongholds

The enemy of our souls does not play fair; he will never show any mercy. Therefore, we must become aware of the enemy’s tactics and move in the power of God to eliminate footholds and pull-down strongholds.  Heaven is releasing an anointing in this hour to bring freedom to the Remnant and empower them for the fight ahead of us.

Winter Weather Continues to Mess with Our Broadcasting Schedule

The winter weather last week and again this week has put us behind on our recording schedule. The snow we can handle, but ice is a whole different story! Usually, we post a new Biblical Life TV on Mondays and a new KIB podcast on Tuesdays. We will be recording the KIB podcast at home on Tuesday and a new Biblical Life TV first thing Wednesday morning. Both new episodes will be uploaded sometime on Wednesday. We are hoping that this will be the last delay this winter.

KIB 382 – The Kingdom Flows from the Heart

The Kingdom of God is within the believer and flows from the heart like a river.  But the enemy has worked overtime to wound the hearts of humanity to stop the Kingdom from flowing.  Heaven is moving to restore the brokenhearted.  A tsunami of God’s Kingdom is about to be released through the mended hearts of the Remnant.