On the Objective – Walking In The Power Of The Kingdom Of God – Dr. Michael Lake – 03.22.2019

On the Objective – Walking In The Power Of The Kingdom Of God – Dr. Michael Lake – 03.22.2019

oin your host Steven Menking as he welcomes author and teacher Dr. Michael Lake, the host of the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing podcast and the leader of Biblical Life College and Seminary. Dr. Lake brings a powerful perspective on the need for the body of Christ to understand how the Kingdom of God operates. In this discussion Dr. Lake touches on the importance of authority, the iniquity force, and the obstacles facing the church today. Let this serve as a clarion call to the remnant: it’s time to stand for Jesus in this generation! Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

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  1. Dear Michael Lake, I have been waiting for over twenty years to hear a preacher of the one true living God that can preacher the word without it sounding like a Sunday school lesson. May the Father keep blessing you. The reason I’m writing is I was watching something called NYSTV last night and you and that Dave feller was talking about Adam be silent in the garden of Eden, please if it is ok with you I would like to give you what the Holy Spirit gave to me many years ago. I believe when Adam came back from be with the Father all day and came to Eve and seen that she had eaten what she shouldn’t have and was not dead, right at that moment Adam had doubt in his heart about God’s word AND THAT IS THE SIN THAT WAS ON PLACED ON Adam plus eating what he shouldn’t have as wail. The reason why I think this is because after the fall of man God started treating man different. He start saying, trust in me, have faith in me and believe in me for all these things will be counted to you for righteousness. What to you think? thanks

    1. Dr. Lake deals with this extensively in his upcoming book, The Kingdom Priesthood.

  2. Tom and Greta Christian

    Thank you so much for taking a subject that can be difficult to understand and making it much easier to understand. We all need to hear this over and over until it sinks in completely. Dr. Lake your website and all the teachings we’ve accessed and listened to has made a huge difference in our lives. We listen to your podcast with your wife Mary Lou every week and we just love it. Thank you for making such a large amount of your teachings available for free in your archives. We’ve enjoyed every one we’ve listened to. We thank God for you and your wife. Hashem has used you mightily in our lives and we feel blessed. We hope you had a very nice Purim.
    Love and Peace,
    Tom and Greta Christian

  3. Thank you for another great teaching! Regarding your comment: Women – human beings and capable of intimacy. Men – human doings
    I wonder if the enemy has blocked (via flesh/mammon) the ability for born again men to have the intimacy with God required for these last days? This keeps the front line incapable of knowing (yada) their spiritual authority and leading accordingly. I know the Lord will visit us and oversee His affairs very soon! Meanwhile, thank you for your teachings which helps us in our faith!!! Luke 18:8

  4. Noanie Christina Courtenay


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