Omega Man Radio – Jericho: Anatomy of the Stronghold

Jericho:  Anatomy of the Stronghold

Omega Man Radio


I had the privilege of being on Omega Man Radio this past Wednesday.  In this teaching, I covered the following topics:


  • Jericho is the perfect biblical example of a stronghold
  • There is an ancient secret about the foundations of Jericho
  • How to prepare to take down a stronghold
  • For the Church to get back to the Book of Acts, we must first go through the Book of Judges
  • Judgment is coming to the Kingdom of Darkness through modern Judges within the Body of Christ

I encourage everyone to listen to this broadcast with paper, pen, and your bibles at hand.  You are going to want to take notes.

Note:  I now have a regular schedule on Omega Man Radio –  every other Wednesday Evening at 6:00 PM Central time.


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  1. HALLELUYAH!!!.Brother Lake BLESS YOU.Very timely and anointed.Lord Jesus we Thank and Praise you for such men and women.Words cannot describe how this information has touched me. I Praise and Worship God the Father and His son for who the are and for His gifts in men

    Shalom Shalom

  2. awesome broadcast, Michael Thank you for your obedience to the Lord

  3. Someone sent me this clip in my email. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview. I went to heaven when I was a little boy in the late 70’s. The Lord show me then, things that are happening now. Stay on the wall!

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