No KIB Podcast This Week

Good morning Dear Friends,

We are experiencing dangerous wind chills, along with snow and slick roads.   Because of the weather and the fact that our dog, Daisy, is not an inside pet, we are working from home this week and won’t be able to post a podcast.  I’ve thought many times the last few days about how attentive we are to Daisy to make sure she is thriving in the middle of this winter storm, while at the same time remaining so aware and praying for all those suffering in the cold with power outages, etc.

While the impeachment trial got off to a disappointing start, it was evident at the end of the trial that Hollywood-style photomontages can lose their effectiveness.  Emotional manipulations are going to continue to fail.  Those in D.C. are continuing to show their true colors.  The truth will prevail, and our God’s presence is so powerful at this time.

We continue to be encouraged by Almighty God revealing the hidden information.  It is also encouraging to see so many citizens that are committed to bringing the truth out, especially at the state levels.  There are legal actions being taken to curtail the liberal officials in the states of New York and California, and our prayers are with the people in those states.  As God lifts the veil on the evil all around us, we are seeing more people awaken to the state of our nation.  The sheriffs across our state are standing firm to enforce our right to bear arms, and we are confident that this resolve will spread to other states. 

As always, our prayers are with each of you.  We are already excited about next week’s podcast, and we are expecting more revelation as we continue to seek Him.

Sending out love and hugs,

Dr. Michael and Mary Loul Lake

Updated: February 15, 2021 — 6:01 pm