March 2016 – Record Breaking Month for Podcast Downloads

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March 2016 – Record Breaking Month for Podcast Downloads

I remember the very first podcast we completed for the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing back int he Fall of 2014.  I prayed, recorded the first session, uploaded it to LibSyn, and wondered if anyone would download it.  That first month, I was amazed and excited about our 406 downloads.

Since then, there have been many changes.  At first, I was just recording a new teaching.  Then I upgrading to interviewing other authors.  All the time, I was wanting something more.  Once I was able to get Mary to do a few interviews about her book, it broke the ice with her and we discussed doing a podcast together.

The very first session, the Holy Spirit fell in that room, the anointing began to flow, and we could not believe how much we enjoyed doing a podcast together.  It was one of those moments when you think, “Why haven’t we been doing these all along?”

Ever since that first podcast together, our chemistry and the anointing of the Holy Spirit has resonated with our listeners.  Each month, the listenership continued to grow.  In March, we broke a new record:  17,591 downloads.

Mary and I are humbled by all the wonderful emails, prayers, and support of our listeners.  Each one of you are a part of our extended congregation.  We lift you all up before the Lord each day, asking for Heaven to release in your life the anointing of an overcomer and to bring the Kingdom into your hearts in a powerful way.

There is no telling where the Holy Spirit will take this simple podcast of love.  I do know that it has become a central point for the Remnant to gather for encouragement, instruction, and empowerment.


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  1. God’s continued blessings and favor as you walk in grace and mercy with the Lord and his children. Thank you for sharing to encourage and help the wounded along the way!

  2. Yes, you are such a blessing. I have learned so much. Soon I hope to take your courses. Yahweh’s best to both of you. And thank you for taking my call a few weeks ago. I was blessed to already see some answers to my prayer request. Thank you Mary for sharing your heart, to know and hear the truth from someone involved in deep spiritual warfare certainly helps me to help minister to others. It makes it real for me, so thank you as I know it can be hard on you. You are precious! I look forward to reading your books too!

  3. God is great and greatly to be praised! What a praise report beloved. God is on the move and I thank the Holy Spirit all the time for His Hand upon my life and for leading me to study under you Dr
    Michael Lake. I’m learning so much with your lessons on YouTube. I’m on “Paths to Walk In” lesson 10 and I’m loving it. I’ve read all your book, including Mary’s book too. I recommend her book “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know” to every believer who wants more insite on how the demonic realm operates. I’ve order two of your lesson on the “KIB” website and I’m just now studying “The Feasts of the Lord.” And I’m going to order all of them on the Lords timing. I Love and thank God for you both!You are in my prayers. Jeffrey Ross

  4. I love you and Mary and always look forward to the next podcast. You two feel like family to me and we have never met! Sure wish I lived right there with you both. Thanks for everything and God bless you!
    Cindy Witt

  5. YES !! You two have GREAT chemistry speaking together. Beside biblical instruction, I’ve really gained MUCH insight into spiritual warfare & just how to word a persons prayers for so many area in life to be covered by the blood of Jesus. I’v never heard such in depth teaching re boundaries, wearing the armor, laws of the spirit world. Actually iv NEVER heard any Sermon on Revolations in Christian churches let alone spiritual warfare. How in the heck were Christians ever able to find freedom in the past let alone the present ?!? I do have 1 area I have some problems with. I’m understanding more & the deeper issue of forgiving the enemy-person/ group but my logic feels angry & say yes, but what about the victim of that evil ?. Just give it to the Lord ? Keep up the great podcasts !!

  6. That’s fantastic! I always look forward to receiving emails from you with the podcast link. I felt so alone until I heard your testimony, Mary. Thank you for your love for the remnant and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Both of you have been a huge blessing in my life.
    God Bless you and your ministry.

  7. I found out about dr. Lake through the Sheila Zelinsky show and since then have not stopped listening to your messages on YouTube as well as your podcasts. I am new to the Hebrew Roots movement. I avoided it for about 10 years because I was afraid of going into legalism/Judaism that was so warned about in Paul’s Epistles. I see that you teach with anointing and balance in the scriptures and therefore my eyes have been opened up to the wondrous things in God’s law. Now I no longer eat unclean Meats. Learning to observe the Sabbath. That’s a long story, I was taught a little but that in the 1970s but stopped observing that law due to false teaching that we are no longer under the law xcetera. Although I’ve been a Christian for several decades I feel like I’m still wearing briefs. Thank you for your wonderful Ministry and I will be praying for you and your wife, Mary.
    Blessings, Carol

  8. Dear Dr Lake,
    Your news has imparted COMFORT to me, hearing you refer to the presence of the Holy Spirit influencing your work is what I desperately have been in search of. After discovering all the new depth of teaching you and your guests release I became frightened with too much information for my mind to digest. I had to have a break and get back onto/into F A I T H. The priesthood of all believers CONSOLED ME so I can’t describe how relieved I was to hear this news!

  9. I look forward to every podcast. I learn so much. The person cleaning my house asked, “Who is that?” I gave her your information.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Brother Lake you touched my soul with your prayer for us to be over comers. Bless you and dear sister lake. Stay in YHWH’s Love


  11. Shinar Directive really blessed my husband and me. Podcast 50 explained spiritual battle in a fresh way thanks to Mary. The last three chapters of S.D. Is giving us practical hope and help in contending for the faith. The Holy Spirit is using your ministry to build spiritual muscles in the Bride. Praying for the Saints to be equipped by 1. know your foe 2. Answer the clarion call (translucent ) like our Lord & Savior 3. The fullness of His revelation light & life.
    Needless attacks can not be countered in ignorance. Equipping the saints, “he trains my hands for war” to counter evil so more will live. Thank you.

  12. What all of them said!!!!Thank you so much!!!

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