Lessons from the Life of King Saul

Lessons from the Life of King Saul

Understanding the Kingdom 19 – Audio Only


podcast_logo_2On February 13, I had everything set up to record another lesson for the new Understanding the Kingdom Series.  It was only after the lesson was taught, and I began the process of editing the video, that I discovered that the sound system had not been properly connected to our new camera.  The result was that I had one hour of great video, but no audio.


Since I was scheduled to minister on Omega Man Radio the following Wednesday evening, I decided it would be a great place to reteach this session on “Lessons from the Life of King Saul.”  I believe there is important information in this lesson for the Remnant.


Steps are already being put into place to insure that this error with the sound does not occur again in the future.




Dr. Lake


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  1. Thank you for your labor in reteaching the lesson that we might be edified and taught still!

  2. Has the LORD been talking to you about me? You have confirmed two things I heard personally this week: stay till GOD tells you to move, and don’t step out of your place in the Spirit. Hard saying about losing your destiny; thanks for the reminder and warning. Loved hearing from the LORD through you…again!

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