KWR0023 – Theomorphic Humanity with Dr. John Garr

KWR0023 – Theomorphic Humanity with Dr. John Garr

Kingdom War Room

Dr. John D. Garr is the founder of the Hebraic Global Community, the founding President of the Hebraic Christian College and Golden Keys Publishing.  John has authored over 40 best-selling books.  His new book is entitled, Theomorphic Humanity: Hebraic Theology and Anthropology.

In one of the Bible’s most important statements, God said, “Let us make humanity in our image, according to our likeness.” This declaration ascribes infinite value to every human being, for we are all designed by our Creator to bear his image and to experience his infinite love.

Theomorphic Humanity: Hebraic Theology and Anthropology is a scholarly analysis of God’s own image in humanity and what that means to you as an individual. Starting at the beginning of the Bible, this volume documents God’s reason for creating the universe—and especially the miracle of life that he deposited on Planet Earth. Then, it offers a comprehensive study of the manner in which human beings image God’s likeness in every aspect of their being. Finally, it expounds upon the ultimate inheritance that God has planned for us when we experience the gift of eternal life with God and his Messiah in the Age to Come.


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