KWR-0015 Corrupting the Image

Corrupting the Image

Kingdom War Room | KWR-0015

There are events in human history that not only shape the near future but can well extend beyond the millennium in which they occur.  Some are so powerful that they can stretch their influence from the very ancient world to today.  Such events are found in Genesis 3, 6, and 10.  Jesus reminded His followers in the First Century that:

37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as in the days before the flood, . . .

Matt 24:37,38A

Unfortunately, what those that first heard these words understood has been lost in the common consciousness of humanity.  However, Christian researchers have been laboring to unearth these trues in our day.  One such researcher is Dr. Douglas Hamp.

Dr. Michael Lake, representing the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing and Biblical Life TV.

Dr. Michael Spaulding, who is the teaching pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH, the author of Upsidedown in America, more than ten other books, and the host of Soaring Eagle Radio and Dr. Mike Live.  Mike’s website is Dr. Douglas Hamp:  Douglas Hamp earned his M.A. in the Bible and its World from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his PhD in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University. He served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for six years, where he lectured and developed curriculum at the School of Ministry, Spanish School of Ministry and Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School. He is the author of numerous books, articles, & DVDs and has appeared on national and international TV, radio, and internet programs in English and in Spanish. He is senior pastor of the Way Congregation in Denver, CO.

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