KWR-0002 Anti-Israelism: The New Antisemitism with Dr. John Garr, Dr. Mike Spaulding and Dr. Michael Lake | Kingdom War Room

KWR-0002 Anti-Israelism – the New Antisemitism

With Dr. John Garr, Dr. Mike Spaulding, and Dr. Michael Lake

Kingdom War Room


Throughout human history, antisemitism has proven itself to be both polymorphic and resilient. Although it will take many shapes within Mystery Babylon, its maturation always reveals itself in the plot of Haman and the Nazi’s Final Solution. Once again, antisemitism is manifesting in the new doctrine of anti-Israelism in secular society, in the Church, and even is some corners of the Hebraic Roots Movement. In this episode of the Kingdom War Room, Dr. Michael Lake and Dr. Mike Spaulding interview scholar and prolific author, Dr. John D. Garr, and discuss his newest book, Anti-Israelism: The New Face of Antisemitism. This Kingdom War Room discussion is truly eye-opening and powerful.

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary, the host of Biblical Life TV, co-host of the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing, and the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell. Michael’s website is

Dr. Michael Spaulding is the teaching pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lima, OH, the author of Make the Preaching Great Again, and the host of Soaring Eagle Radio and Dr. Mike Live. Mike’s website is

Dr. John Garr. John is the Director of the Hebraic Christian Global Community, The Golden Key Press (publishing books and the Restore! Magazine), and the author of over twenty best-selling books, to include “Anti-Israelism: The New Face of Antisemitism.” John’s website is

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  1. Thank you for a very insightful and educational podcast.
    I have been so frustrated at the “replacement theology” teachers. This teaching never “set” well with me that is just ONE of the reason I left JW’s This false teaching was taught to me for years! ADD to that the hyper-Grace and Prosperity Gospel( God as Santa Claus) and it’s a muck and mire place out there.
    Now I am in a constant race to “catch up and relearn everything anew!
    I love learning from you faithful men. Thank you again for an eye-opening talk.

  2. Thank you…HALLELUJAH!

  3. Thank you for this discussion. What happened to Rick Wiles? Won’t even call it Israel, but calls it Palestine. It really is terrible that people believe in that hatred of the Jews.

  4. Excellent discussion and much needed!

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