KIB 92 – The Powerful Realities of Redemption

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KIB 92 – The Powerful Reality of Our Redemption

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podcast_logo_2On today’s podcast, Dr. Lake and Mary discuss the power of redemption.  They outline the spiritual dynamics of the story of Hosea and Gomer, where Gomer commits adultery and Hosea purchases her back out of slavery for the equivalent of 30 pieces of silver.  There are similarities that can be seen with the Book of Hosea and where we are today in the Body of Christ.  We need to find out where Satan has his foot in the door, kick him out and believe for total restoration.  The Lakes also examine the four Greek words used in the New Testament that powerfully describe our redemption through Messiah.
We can become a powerful army of believers, cleansed by the blood of Jesus, restored and equipped for service to our King.  It is time for the deception that Satan has used to keep us in bondage to be broken; it is time for slavery, in all forms, to come to an end.  We can become vessels of honor.
Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the soon to be released book, The Sheeriyth Imperative.
Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.


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  1. I am a missionary in Jerusalem and I’m in NC right now ministering. Thank you for equipping me to help others. God bless you both!

  2. Thank you both. You have helped me change my life by providing the info I needed to search in the right place. I am also trying to help my husband by telling him what I hear and learn. He has had many questions for years. Your podcasts and video teachings are so powerful and the prayers are working in my life. I can hear you now! The signal is loud and clear.

    I have seen repeating numbers for years. There are people that call them Angel numbers and they provide a pdf to explain each repetitive number. I threw my copy away as soon as I started listening to your podcasts. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for your generosity and teaching. I have a question – If we are in the last hundred years of the ‘church’ age, wont the faithful believers have to go underground due to persecution and deception, much like the first 100 years of the first church? However I thought I heard christians are going to get riches and further the kingdom before the Messiah Returns. If so, this sounds like dominion theology and laodecian church. Or was it rather a reference to some form of revival?

    1. Historically, the church was in persecution in the Book of Acts and was underground for nearly 300 years. After Constantine opted the Church as a veneer for the occult, many groups (to include the Anabaptist, which were Feast-Keepers) fled to the mountains and other remote areas for safety. They remained there until the Reformation was well underway.

      I do believe that there is going to be a wealth transfer for a short period of time, but it will bypass the Laodidian Church. The Almighty will place it in the hands of the Remnant to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and to help many prepare for the hard times ahead.

      1. Thank you Dr Lake for your reply. We are seeing a lot of believers running for safety at this time. We know the Messiah and the Apostles had nothing when they preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, for the world’s economy is buying and selling, but we who are in God’s Kingdom economy work by giving and receiving. This is the way we are being prepared for the hard times ahead, and not taking the mark.

  4. Thank you both for being steadfast in your mission to loose the chains that bind the body of Christ all to the Glory and Honor of the God the Father.
    The Lord had me read Matthew 10 several times these past few days. This is where Jesus speaks to his disciples before sending them out. Each disciple is named, yet one betrayed the Lord.
    After the reading, the Lord gave me a list of things to pray for including my Pastor and his wife, the church, the remnant and Jerusalem. Three words were spoken after my prayer time.
    STOP- def. to prevent someone from doing something; no longer moving
    HAULT – walk or proceed lamely- limp; to stand in perplexity or doubt between alternate courses; waver; to display weakness or imperfections; falter; to cease marching or journeying; discontinue or terminate
    SLEEP the natural state of rest, where your eyes are closed and you become unconscious or
    The natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.
    states that resemble sleep: torpid inactivity ; diminishing of feeling; death ; state of hibernation.

    The Lord wasn’t asking me just to look up the words. They should be easy to understand, but he wanted me to dig deeper.
    If the Lord is getting ready to send out His disciples, He must see something that needs correction or change in some of us.

    These are the questions that came to my spirit as I pondered it all.
    They are self examining for each member of the body of Christ.




    These questions are not to bring accusation to anyone. The Lord is calling for a self- examination, especially if some of these characteristics are present in our lives.
    I always have to examine my own heart when the Lord gives a word. And yes, I see some things I need to address. Better yet, If I don’t see anything, I ask the Holy Spirit to show me whatever He sees that needs to be dealt with.
    Be encouraged today! This is a another wake-up “call to the bride ” . The Lord is getting us ready to walk in His Power and Authority in these last days .

    Matthew 10 seems to continue to follow me throughout my life.

    Thank you again Mike and Mary Lou. I pray for you every day asking the Lord to continue to prosper you and protect you and your family. May the Lord God continue to Bless you and yours.

  5. I praise the LORD for the anointing and truth conveyed in this broadcast. Always agree and receive those powerful and strategic prayers. Multiplied blessings on your family and ministry.

  6. Thank you Dr. Mike and Mary Lou! Your podcasts always help me to pray but this one – I never thought to bind up the silence! That is what is happening in my fellowship/x-church. The men have been silent while the pastors spiritually abuse anyone who says anything about the money. There are so many firings (it was a healthy Christian school). The women see the sin so clearly (taking money from the school/ministry for the church salaries) while the men are SILENT! This is REALLY effecting all of our marriages and the enemy is sooo happy! Thank you for your prayer at the end and I am in agreement! May God continue to bless and prosper you!

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