KIB 56 (M&M) – Did God Break the Prophetic Blood Moon Tetrad?


KIB 56 (M&M) – Did God Break the Prophetic Blood Moon Tetrad?

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast


podcast_logo_2With the sand storm in the Middle East in September, it delayed the biblical dates for the Fall Feasts by two days.  The final Super Blood Moon did not fall on the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.  What does that mean?  Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake discuss these issues, how prophecy topics are encoded into mind control and more in this fast-pace episode.


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  1. God bless you guys!! I only recently found your site and am so encouraged by your teaching. Thank you so much!!!!! I will be praying for your youngest to be released.

  2. I am excited to find your site! I really enjoy listening and am so encouraged by you. keep up the hard work its so needed. as I work thru what my part is in deliverance ministries I don’t mind telling you ive made a lot of mistakes!! but God is faithful to me and brings me folks like you and many others to get me on the right track. I will NOT GIVE UP. pray for me as I pray for you! GENA

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