KIB 47 – Rescue Radio Interview # 2

podcast_logo_2Rescue Radio Interview # 2 with Margaret Cole and Dr. Michael Lake

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing | Episode 47

Dr. Lake returns to Rescue Radio for a second interview.  In this episode, he moved well beyond the Shinar Directive and discusses understanding the dynamics of the Kingdom – both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness.  The knowledge that the Nachash gave man in Genesis 3 had spiritual aspects to it that seeded itself through the soul of all mankind.  This understanding provides the backdrop to internal spiritual warfare – one of the greatest battle grounds in the life of the believer. A very powerful interview!


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  1. It would be so nice to allow your guest to speak instead of interrupting constantly so that you can be heard more. Do not have guests if he has to fight to get a word in over your ideas. Sad indeed and disappointing. I just refuse to listen to shows when the host does this to guests.

  2. This is to the previous commentor: Dr. Lake WAS the guest on Rescue Radio! Maybe you should actually listen before you comment. And follow the Holy Spirit!

    1. I believe that Joyce was saying that Dr. Lake, as the guest, was being interrupted constantly and never got to really finish a thought. If a host is going to do that why even have a guest? It gets very frustrating for the listener who tuned in to HEAR the guest. I agree with Joyce.

    2. I was suggesting that whoever was the host should allow Dr Lake speak without interrupting. Every word of Dr Lake is life giving and is anointed and we appreciate every word! Have his book on Shinar Directive and read each word carefully and study it constantly. So appreciate this man and just long for more of his teaching….or all we can get. Am going to get all his books.

      We were missionaries for years living in the Former Soviet Union under communism and before that here in the USA pastoring for years. Now we have a teacher that feeds us in our latter years after years and years in the nations pastoring Russians. Youth do not want to have any suggestions from the older ones who have laid down their lives but God has ways of growing up his young ones. He surely did us. Thank God!

  3. Rescue Radio Int. 2: Gives the most balanced perspective on the purpose of man, the LORD and satan I have heard, and does it in an aggressively GOD-loving, christian empowering way.
    Much appreciation to you Dr. Lake and to Margeret Cole for this

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