KIB 34: Introduction to Mind Control

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

Introduction to Mind Control

KIB Episode 34 – M and M Edition

KIB3_1400_1400We have been discussing this for several months. Dr. Michael K. Lake (author of “The Shinar Directive”) and Mary Lou Lake (author of “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition) are now teaming up for special M and M Editions of KIB podcasts each month. In these special edition podcasts, Dr. Lake and Mary Lou will discuss mind control, secret government projects, involvement by the occult, MPD/DID, how to be restored by the power of God, spiritual warfare, and more. In this first episode, our team discusses the history and reality of mind control and some basics on how to begin your journey toward wholeness.


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  1. Thank you is all I can say. Knowing that I am not the only person experiencing some of these things. I thank our Fatherin Heaven for leading me here over the last couple of days. God bless you both.

  2. This is fascinating and timely. Thank you both for sharing your time and experience to educate us. I don’t know why I am so naive but I absolutely cannot fathom the sexual child abuse reality. This is astonishingly rampant, even all around me evidenced by convicted pedophile registration required by state law, but in my mind it is like grinding up asphalt shingles to make pancakes. It makes no sense.

    I have had a poor track record dealing with occult and pedophiles, they simply move away or go underground when I have confronted them. I have accomplished nothing excepted averted immediate threats.
    I will be learning from you. Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much for putting these out there. I was wondering if there will be a way to download them? I am a truck driver with limited times where I have enough bandwidth to watch, so if I want to watch something again, I have to stream the video again.

    1. If you are referring to the podcasts, there are several ways to download them to your phone:

      1. If you have an iPhone, we have a podcast channel on iTunes. Just use the Podcast App on your phone and search for “Kingdom Intelligence Briefing” and then subscribe.

      2. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed directly with Libsyn (the service that hosts our podcasts). Go to and there should be a subscribe to RSS feed button there.

      As support grows for KIB with our friends and partners, we can upgrade the service at Libsyn to include an app for iPhone and Android phones that will automatically download our podcasts. This service is twice what we are paying now. So as the support grows, so will our ability to provide more services to the Body of Christ.

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