KIB 170 – The Priesthood and the Fire of God

KIB 170 – The Priesthood and the Fire of God

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing



In this episode, Dr. Michael Lake examines news ripped from the headlines:  North Korea opens its doors to Christianity, North Korea Peace Deal costs the Military-Industrial Complex $150 Billion in stock value, organization with ties to Iran gives $100,000 bounty to anyone that will blow up the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, and finally, Dr. Lake’s predictions of moving BlockChain to quantum computing are coming true.  Also, Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Lake examine Acts 2 in a new light:  the establishment of the Kingdom Priesthood and the need for the fire of God and personal holiness to purify and bring balance to the Church for end-time ministry.


Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the newly released book, The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.


Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.



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  1. I agree with you on Blockchain. NY plans to roll it out and calling it “Blockchain Week” in a story I read by Marc Hochstein yesterday. Thank you for bringing it to light as this is something many have never heard of and many are not aware it exists. I think it is tied to the mark of the beast, too. Your presentation in Dallas was great with flow chart in that it tied Blockchain to hive mind and AI vs mind of Christ and God.
    Also, thanks for reminding all of us to test the spirits and get deep in the word, running it by someone else first when dealing with prophetic visions, hearing from God, etc.

  2. Bob & Liz Manditch

    We love your honesty, integrity and dedication not only to each other but to our Saviour & Redemer Jesuah Hamashiach.
    Without Him we can do nothing – He is our “fire in the belly” our enthusiasm; our all in all.
    May the Lord continue to bless you both and your ministry mightily,
    Love in Jesus name Bob and Liz- Melbourne Australia.

  3. Shalom Dear Ones!
    I just finished listening to The Priesthood and the Fire of G*d. We continue to thank Yhvh for you both and your transparency in helping your brothers and sisters to “grow”. It brings such confirmation to hear your hearts. We too have been on this “new journey” and daily sactification process. Mary I recently went through a similar experience with someone who was demanding that I yield to her “discernment” for my life and our relationship which I had just met this person, who was eager for my fellowship, however the SILENCE of the Holy Spirit was SO loud in my spirit that I was unable to communicate with her because of the prohibition from Holy Spirit , and it was as though all of hell was angry as I walked in quiet simple obedience. It’s a long story ….Jesus said that we would “know them” by their fruit…indeed that is how we will be known, by our actions, words or lack of them….as we walk in the fear of the Lord, we will walk fearless in the midst of evil. Michael thank-you for your prayers as we ended this podcast today. The mighty remnant is being “suited up”. Love and Light to you both

  4. Speaking of Blockchain…. about 7 months ago I purchased a few shares. It has not has not moved (except down), but I am wondering after this teaching would you suggest that I sell these shares. Sounds like it could become demonic. Thank you for any in-put.

    1. BlockChain is different than Cryptocurrency. You can purchase Cryptocurrency, but you can’t BlockChain. BlockChain is the software platform that Cryptocurrency is built upon.

    2. Hi Peggy

      I was adamant ( the operative word being “I” ) that crypto currency was a passing fad, a waste of time in conversations with my 27 yr old Son a year ago. He was investing and encouraging me to do the same. Then one day I stopped and asked the Lord “is this something I should be taking seriously.”

      I suggest that asking the Lord for guidance on this matter to be the right approach. The answer I was given was surprising. And since then I have been given much greater insight into the Lords plans and purposes in relation to this subject.
      Interesting to note that crypto currency is not a passing fad. In fact the Major Banks around the world are now involved as is many companies associated with the Stock Market…and are currently building blockchain platforms so they can come into alignment with this emerging currency. In the not to distant future you will be able to pay your rent for example with crypto currency.
      At the end of this May there is a Crypto Currency Conference which will be the place of the revealing of the Big players in the world launching their platforms. What this means is that Cryptocurrency has crossed over the gap…into being legitimate and there fore recognised as the Big Banks come on Board.
      The Buzz Is that after May The Really Big Money in the World will be dropped into the Crypto system.
      Which Means If you have the right Cryptos they will be profitable. I find it fascinating that this emerging system is not able to be controlled by the powers that have controlled money for so long and turned us into slaves.
      And to think that the poorest person in the world could invest 25Cents and it potentially one day could be worth $2500 or even much more… is a major turn around of the financial system.

      Just to add to weather Blockchain being used for Evil intentions being a reason not to get involved. May I draw a parallel with the internet. There is something called the Dark Web. A place that only those with Evil intentions would Go. In fact demonic activity is all around us. But the fact that they are using the internet for there wicked purposes…should not stop Me from Logging on and being involved with the internet to fellowship and be able to receive Holy Spirit Lead Teaching. Not to mention the great wealth of knowledge that the Lord would lead us to.
      The Lord makes All things come together for Good.
      Blessings xx N

  5. I did purchase blockchain, UBIA is the stock symbol. I researched it and I understood all the things Blockchain was set up to do, but that was before AI had gotten in the news, I don’t want to be in that AI confusion.

    1. I had not run across that information. So, they are selling stock in the platform. Very interesting!

  6. Hallelujah…we are All being raised from the dead….I am in awe of the perfection of our God unfolding in every second of time. He has made a way before us that his perfect plans may unfold. All that is needed is our participation…..our willingness to go with him down the narrow path.
    I am learning about the perfect peace in the presence of the Lord. There is nothing out of place there as He is restoring all things…..making them come together for Good. If I yield to his presence I am a willing instrument…voice…vessel to release His will and can walk in peace trusting Him in every second of every day.
    What an amazing adventure.
    Thank you again for your diligence and devotion to the Lord and His Body. with Much Love

  7. Impactful humbling message. Keep up the anointing. The timing of this message corralled with my first encounter with the spirit of God sholy fire and Yeshua during a five day fast. While I was at a church on my fifth day fasting and praying , He took my far away To a river. He baptized me and showed me my new staff. I cannot believe that ABBA left his face inside of us for all to see, and He gave us his son, And the ancient landmark that was given to us by Yeshua and ABBA on that sad day of loss. I’m 27 years old With a made up heart and soul. ✌️To Carnality, ✌️ To the voice of the world, and peace with the creator and our mediator King Yeshua. Thank you Michael Lake for your holy affirmations from the true vine. ⛪️

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