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KIB 121 – Purim and Uprooting Evil

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Join Dr. Lake and Mary in their discussion about pertinent news and information, as we approach the celebration of Purim and the story of Esther.  Mary talks about the spiritual dynamics of inner vows and bitter root judgments.  Vows can be made in childhood, because of hurts or disappointments, that can affect us throughout our adulthood.  They examine the spiritual principles involved and provide a prayer of release for the listeners.  In addition, Dr. Lake provides insights to the balance that is needed among believers by comparing teachings that warn about giving too much attention to demons versus our instructions in Ephesians 5:3-13.  Mary gives some tips for a blessed Purim celebration.


Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the newly released  book, The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition

Prayer:  Father, we choose to forgive all those that have hurt and disappointed us, and we ask forgiveness for any judgments that we made as a result of their words or actions.  We renounce any vows that we have made, as a result, and we ask that the blood of Jesus be applied to any bitter roots that have sprung up as a result.  Father, we are grateful for the price that Jesus paid to free us from our sins, and we receive our release from any strongholds that were built by our judgments and vows.  We take authority over any evil spirits that had access through these judgments and vows, and we bind their power.  We command them to leave and go to the feet of Jesus, in Jesus’ name.   We ask as the root withers, dies, and is removed, that You would fill the void with the Holy Spirit.  As we are transformed by the renewing of our mind during the reading of Your Word, we ask that You would reveal any thought patterns that were established by these vows and judgments so that we may be made whole, in Jesus’ name.  I receive the cancellation of any reaping that I set in motion by the judgments I have sown, and I receive restoration and the blessings that are promised in Your Word, in Jesus’ name.


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  1. this was wonderful! Thanks for the printed prayer. Liked hearing about your plans for Purim – was wondering if you’d print your recipes for us that have never made anything from scratch and haven’t a clue how to start being healthy.

  2. My oldest son and I did the March4Trump in Jeff City, MO this past Sabbath. We saw a “Hillbilly Warlock” as we called him. I first spotted him about an hour before the march started as he came walking out of the capitol building. He wore brown boots, brown camo BDU style pants, brown shirt and/or jacket and a brown hillbilly hat. He had a brown beard and mustache. He had a brown bag that resembled a brown military style messenger bag strapped on. He had what looked like a strange brown plastic bottle (canteen) tied to and dangling from the messenger bag. The bottle had no label and I did spot him drinking from it once. He walked with a walking stick that on closer inspection was obviously a spirit stick. The stick was gnarly and twisted yet looked like a piece of artwork with a skull carved in at the top. The stick had a small bell and some other pagan paraphernalia tied to it just below the skull.
    I spent most of the pre-march time standing on the sidewalk between the lawn and the street. I wasn’t praying but I was certainly thinking about what I had been praying the night before. The Hillbilly Warlock (HW) stopped and talked to some people right in front of us and as he turned to move on I caught a glimpse of the skull and the eyes appeared to light up red for a split moment. It was just a flash as he turned. The sun was to my back so it may have just been sunlight reflecting off of red paint or embedded red stones. He moved about the grounds as if with a purpose there amoung the people gathering on the south side lawn. I never saw him make any strange gestures. He didn’t rub the skull nor flick his fingers in the air. He would move a ways and stop sometimes talking to people nearby. He just stopped and started again and again as if he wasn’t having any luck. HW came walking toward the street, angling over my way a bit and asked how far he needed to go to smoke as he approached. He had a cigarette out and I realized he was looking for the “smoking area”. I turned watching him walk by and replied that I didn’t really know and I was thinking it might blow your smoke out but quickly I replied, “It might blow your fire out. It’s pretty windy out here today.” He didn’t laugh and kept waking. The word smoke just didn’t make sense and that encounter seemed mentally awkward. He continued out to the street and lit up. One lady walking by pointed at the stick as if commenting on it. She stopped and he let her hold it to have a closer look for a bit. Later, HW was walking from right to left a few yards in front of us as the local Baptist Pastor was asked to pray just prior to the marching. HW stopped, took his hat off and appeared to mumble a word or two inaudibly as the Pastor started prayin’. HW put his hat back on after the Amen, took a drink from his canteen and continued to move about. The march began and finished without so much as a verbal confrontation. There were only 2 young Trump protesters with a sign that had an anarchy symbol and a nonsensical phrase on it. They were polite when spoken to.
    I checked my email the next day and found the link to the article Mary mentioned about God blowing the smoke away and Trump not needing to worry about the witchcraft. Hmmm….

  3. Wow your wife should write a book on sexual abuse and how to heal. I’ve known several women that could use such a book

  4. Yes!!! Shock and awe in the enemy’s camp!!!!!

    Thank you. We pray for you and yours and look forward eagerly to each new KIB broadcast.

    In Yeshua our Lord,
    Paul and Joy

  5. Enjoyed your podcast very much. Looking forward to reading one of your books sometime …. I have such a pile building up!


  6. I recalled a vow I’d made in childhood and repented of that and prayed the prayer. Will continue to search out any roots of fear or bitterness that have been planted within. Thank you for addressing that article put out by the Elijah List. It goes out to thousands of people. You confirmed what the Holy Spirit witnessed to me. Praise God!

  7. Great message!

    God has shown me that the greatest hinderance to his work in me has been my bitterness, especially to my biological and spiritual family. What has helped me us to write a letter to each person, detailing how I have been hurt and then releasing them to the righteous judgment of God and trusting His jugment to be completely equitable. I also ask him to tear down the memorials I have esablished in my soul so that I can truly forgive and forget and to dig up roots of bitterness. Finally, I ask that God would heal the wounds and fill the empty places with his compassion and I pray for him to bless these people. Then I burn the letter. It really helps me to write it down. In real time, if I find my self “meditating” on the evil someone is doing to me (the Hebrew word for meditate is the same as mutter or cast a spell–ouch!) I break through by praying in tongues and then praying a blessing for that person.

    You are certainly preaching to the choir! I especially love gun analogy, Dr. Lake. The Saints may be armed with greater weapons, but too often we want the Range Master to step in because we are too frightened (and inexperienced) to defend ourselves. Training in the weapons of or warfare are important. These Christians who are “prophesying” non-combat are inexperienced babes who read the Word to the best of their ability, but without understanding because they have not been properly trained. They are the civilians we are here to save. Nevermind what the other churches say, we of the church of Philadelphia have been given the keys of David! We may be harrased by the Synagogue of Satan and have little strength (be small in number), but what we bind will be bound, what we open cannot be closed. If we do not lose the crown of authority Christ has so graciously given us, we will become the very pillars of the Temple, and NEVER leave the presence of our Heavenly Father! Praise be the name of the most High God and of His Son, Forever and ever! Amen!

  8. I heard about you Michael on Gary Stearman’s program. I bought the book the Christian Zombie Killers for my granddaughter and she loved it!
    I’m in the process of reading The Shinar Directive and was taken (blessed) by the fact that you referred to the Hebrew to explain things. I knew then and there you were a good author!
    The Sheeriyth Imperative sounds good! Keep up the good work and may Yehovah bless your indeavors, and His Ruach give you wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment on future books as well!

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