Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series – Part 4 by Mary Lou Lake

Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder Series – Part 4 by Mary Lou Lake



In this podcast series, Mary Lou Lake discusses complex issues involving the occult, mind control, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and spiritual warfare. She shares her personal healing journey as a victim of mind control and reveals how Almighty God exposed secrets in the town where she grew up. In the midst of an extensive period of attacks from individuals involved in the occult, she eventually came to the conclusion that she only remembered a portion of her past and that her mind had been fragmented. She reveals how Almighty God guided her, step by step, through deliverance and restoration. Mary Lou believes that there are many Christians that have experienced similar circumstances and continue to struggle, because they are unaware of what has happened to them. Through these podcasts, she hopes to shed light on some of the secrets of the kingdom of darkness and mind control and discuss how someone can have a fragmented mind and be oblivious to the fact. Above all, she wants to give glory to Almighty God for all He has done and to give hope to the hopeless by sharing how much Almighty God loves them and how He can provide a way out of any prison.

Warning: These podcasts contain narratives that include information on mind control and can have a destabilizing effect on victims. If you experience any unpleasant reactions to the information, please stop listening and contact a trained Christian counselor.


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  1. We love you too Mary!

  2. Mary Lou:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony and the steps God directed to set you free. I don’t believe I’m not DID, but experienced trauma in the home due to violent alcoholic father that filled me with fear. The principles you are teaching, i.e., pleading the Blood and forgiving sins are powerful. I’ve not been taught these in church, but I’m now being set free from fear and depression. God bless you, Mary Lou and Dr Mike.

  3. Isabel L. Schonemberg

    Sister Mary,

    Yes, your voice and compassionate heart is soothing and comforting. I had learned tons from your testimony. Learned to pray correctly for strongholds to be bound in the name of Yashua. Don’t cut yourself short, u are a blessing to me as I am sure for lots of other sister and brothers who are going thru harsh situations. What was the title of the book u wrote? I want to purchase it.
    Love u and Shalom. Isabel from Anchorage, AK.

  4. Thank you Mary Lou for another insightful and liberating podcast.

    Keep up the good work!!

    With love and appreciation

  5. It is as if you spoke this all for me from my sunken ugly forehead to the terrifying hairy spiders all part pf the multiple programming I wonder why we were not killed as children actually God must have such work for us in the Kingdom to help the upcoming generations God Bless you Mary All you said seems so far fetched unless you were a victim all of this abuse is being revealed . All praise to our wonderful God and Lord in the power of Holy spirit

  6. Hi Mary Lou,
    Yes! Your voice is so soothing. Thank you for sharing your story to help all of us to “connect the dots” to the puzzle pieces to our life that the enemy has tried to steal! Praise God for his mercy and loving us so much!

    God Bless you and Mike!

  7. I’m still grateful for your prayers and the knowledge that enables me to be set free. I am enjoying the fruit of progress and looking forward to staying on this journey to wholeness with you; much love and appreciation.

  8. Mary I wasn’t sure if you’d get this email and I know that this might sound ridiculous but please be in prayer about this solar eclipse Monday the 21st and how so many schools across our nation are giving children glasses to watch it. How do we know that these glasses are safe? Is it a ploy to harm our children? As I was pulling up KIB Web page I saw the advertisment of Lady Gaga in the classroom teaching children. She was wearing a large pair of glasses and she was moving them up and down on her face. Is this some type of signal? Idk I could be over worrying but I think as believers in Yeshua we need to be praying hard for our children on this day. Thank you and may YHVH bless you in all your work for His Kingdom ♡

  9. Thank you for the beautiful voice podcasts on DID. You are right about what you said about programming and military involvement. CIA is all over it too. Fritz Springmeier has interesting work on the Illuminati bloodlines and Masons. I have found more free info on youtube than I ever thought was possible. I like your husband’s preaching. Saw him on Skywatch tv.

  10. I want you to know how much this testimony means to me. As you speak, over and over, I feel the twinge in my soul of “that prayer was for you too.” Thank you so much for everything you are sharing and doing for the kingdom. If there is anyway I can encourage you, please tell me because these have so helped me. Love you Mary and all you are doing.

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