Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder – Part 2

Healing for Victims of Trauma and Abuse with Dissociative Identity Disorder – Part 2

by Mary Lou Lake



In this podcast series, Mary Lou Lake discusses complex issues involving the occult, mind control, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and spiritual warfare.  She shares her personal healing journey as a victim of mind control and reveals how Almighty God exposed secrets in the town where she grew up.  In the midst of an extensive period of attacks from individuals involved in the occult, she eventually came to the conclusion that she only remembered a portion of her past and that her mind had been fragmented.  She reveals how Almighty God guided her, step by step, through deliverance and restoration.  Mary Lou believes that there are many Christians that have experienced similar circumstances and continue to struggle, because they are unaware of what has happened to them.  Through these podcasts, she hopes to shed light on some of the secrets of the kingdom of darkness and mind control and discuss how someone can have a fragmented mind and be oblivious to the fact.  Above all, she wants to give glory to Almighty God for all He has done and to give hope to the hopeless by sharing how much Almighty God loves them and how He can provide a way out of any prison.
Warning:  These podcasts contain narratives that include information on mind control and can have a destabilizing effect on victims.  If you experience any unpleasant reactions to the information, please stop listening and contact a trained Christian counselor.
Below is the link to the article by Jack Hayford on Pleading the Blood:


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  1. Mary,
    I’ve listened to both of these pod cast so far. When u r done you should probably just have them transcribed and put in book form. It’s more
    Accessible. It’s very interesting and I think it would be a real page turner in print. It’s heart felt and valuable information for so many.

    1. Mary is proving these as podcasts so that they are free and accessible to everyone and so she does not have to do another book. The amount of work needed to publish a book is very intense. Unless you have published one, you would not be aware of the workload required.

  2. Mary, Every single thing you have spoken of today is true. It is true of my life.
    I woke up every 20 mins for years, it was said that, I sleep like a ‘cat’…hmm I am still an insomniac.
    I see a set of numbers everywhere and note the clock at that hour and mins. Those numbers have even apeared on land decriptions and dollar amounts of mortgage payments, things I’d have no control over.
    Today, I finally got the courage to look at some poetry that I’d written as a girl (I’ve not been able to touch in it decades). It is full of imprisoned children, girls who live trapped in mirrors and threatres… just heart breaking. I stopo writing because my Mother told me to stop until i could say something nice.
    I am on my way out of this, God has been walking me out for about five years. This ministry and others have helped save my life and will see my entire family free.
    Praing for you and Dr. Lake
    Keep Lookin Up

  3. Hi Dr Mike & Mary Lou

    I’m struggling big time with all of this and continually find myself overwhelmed and unable to do anything to combat what’s happening to me
    I walk around continually brain fogged totally lifeless and listless, no joy, no peace just a knowledge that I’m
    Beyond help and just waiting for the final coup de grace to finish me off and be consigned downwards!!

    I’ve realised after listening to you both that I have huge blanks in my childhood, in fact before the age of 8 I only have 3 recollections of anything
    Your update this week talked about there being a guard over the closed off areas in your life and that really struck a chord but what do I do about it??
    Terry. UK

  4. Mary, When you started talking about your heart and about your quake. That triggered me into an attack. For the last 3 yrs I have had the same symptoms that you described. Including going to the hospital 3 or 4 times (lost track). I just rebuked them and prayed a prayer over me and they left. When I started typing this my heart feels better.
    Now I will finish your teaching.
    I worked at Aberdeen Proving Ground for 10 yrs. A long time ago.
    So glad I discovered your teachings and Dr Mike.

  5. Dear precious Mary you are such a delight to God and what a gift to the body of Christ!!! I have been blessed by God to minister and come along side some of those who have experienced this. I thank God for the wisdom and insight He has given you. Thank you for your boldness and willingness to share. I believe we will see many who need help and support, as they walk into the freedom God has for them. All Glory to God!

  6. Mary,
    I just started your second podcast and I am so emotional.. scared and confused… I have felt like I havent known who I was my whole life.. I always felt it was because I was told by people in my life who I was supposed to be, the years missing in my memory, the issues with intimacy during marriage vs outside of marriage…
    So much is making sense… Thank you for putting this together.. Ive been reading your book .. and praying what to do and how to get help is in there…

  7. Mary, I’ve been listening to you on your M&M podcasts and am starting to put some things together from my past. I just listened to the 2nd podcast and have been able to come to more understanding. We were a military family from my birth to 6th grade; there is so little I remember of my childhood. It has always bothered me that I have so little memory. I am so thankful for this podcast. Thank you for sharing such personal details. My husband and I listen to you Mike each week and pray for you and your ministry- Blessings, Deborah

  8. Thank you so much Mary Lou. Blessings.

  9. Just listening to this podcast. Thank you so much for sharing. It has helped me reconcile some issues between our Heavenly Father and myself. I look forward to listening to the rest.

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