Dr. Michael Lake on Prophecy Watchers TV – Part 1: The Shinar Directive

Dr. Michael Lake on Prophecy Watchers TV – Part 1 : The Shinar Directive


PW“Viewer Warning” – This may be one of the most fascinating programs you have ever seen! Gary and Dr. Michael Lake explore his book, The Shinar Directive, an explosive book that details those things you will NEVER hear in church. Watcher technology, the ancient city of Shinar, the real occult agenda behind the Tower of Babel and the leader of this anti-God rebellion—Nimrod, a man who evolved into “a gibborim.” Seeking ancient technology from the fallen angels after the flood, the people of Nimrod’s day refused to be victims of a flood again! They built a massive wall around Shinar, an excavated city the size of London! Masonic symbolism reigns in the dark world of the occult—a world in which Dr. Lake and his family are all too familiar! Don’t miss this program! An all-time classic! Take a look behind the curtain!”

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  1. Dear Dr Lake,

    I first listened to your interview last year on Hagmann and Hagmann discussing this work and it was riveting. GODTV End Times would be another platform that may extend you the time necessary to cover the scope of your work here, this interview (and I love Gary Stearman and his show)but this interview didn’t really cover much of anything ? I would love to hear more if it’s possible to condense such a subject? God Bless you and this work I hope many discover the shocking realities you expose for us.

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