Dr. Michael Lake on Now You See TV 06-05/16

Mysteries of the Land of Shinar- w/ Dr. Michael K Lake

Now You See TV 06/05/16

NYSTV_logoIn the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: the first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition – Nimrod. In Babylon, the Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: the enslaving of humanity and the war against the God of Heaven. God’s intervention at the Tower of Babel only delayed his hellish plans. The Luciferian Elite now control three key circles of influence in the world: financial, political, and religious…..



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  1. That was a lovely explanation of the gospel. About the best I have ever heard.

  2. So enjoyed this. Didn’t want it to end. So enlightening and inspiring to keep on keeping on. Thank you for your knowledge.

  3. Really enjoyed this broadcast. Can you tell me the name of the other gentlemen that were with you. Thank you for the insight of you teachings.

  4. Wow! So incredible! THANK YOU!! Would like to have heard your reasons for 2035-40 for Christ’s return…. I cant see things going on that long, what with the Japan radiation and chemtrails spewing and everything dying – etc, etc.
    BLESS YOU!! You have greatly influenced the course of my life!

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