Dr. Michael Lake and Steve Quayle on Second Hour of The Hagmann Report

Dr. Michael Lake and Steve Quayle on Second Hour of The Hagmann Report

First Hour – Dr. Ted Broer discusses the Frankfort School with Doug Hagmann.

Second Hour – Dr. Michael Lake and Steve Quayle discuss the upcoming True Legends Conference and ways the Remnant can prepare for the great deception.


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  1. Awesome show! Love Dr. Lake and Steve Q!!

  2. Excellent broadcast Steve and Dr. Mike! Can’t wait for the information that will be presented at this year’s conference in answering the alien question!

    I have had personal encounters with “so called extraterrestrial beings”. These things are without a doubt masquerading fallen angels and demonic entities! They operate on many different levels manifesting in both the natural and super-natural realms with dire consequences.
    I do research on these topics and as such in my journey’s I have also met people from the military who claimed to have worked in black ops programs for our government and for special task force groups within some of our three letter alphabet agencies.
    As a result of some of the research I was involved with I encountered some very dark and harmful “agents of deception” both human and non-human. The blood of Jesus and the authority in His name as a believer in Jesus Christ protected my life and rescued me from some very threatening circumstances.
    When I say that some of what I have heard and learned is incredulous, I am not kidding.
    My research had taught me that without a doubt, truth is far stranger than fiction!

    As believers we MUST walk 100% in obedience to Jesus; in His word and commandments with the full armor of God on and in His authority if we think we will have any chance at defeating the devil and his wicked plans for the Earth and humanity.

    Jesus has already won the victory and it is in Him that I put my trust!

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