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Dr. Michael Lake HTW Zoom Fellowship Call TONIGHT Tuesday 8/31

Hi Everyone, I hope you have a peaceful and blessed weekend. We have a very special guest tonight on our Zoom Fellowship Call. Dr. Michael Lake, Founder of The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing, will be joining us to talk about “Understanding the Origin of the Current Madness, and how to Overcome it”. This meeting is essential […]

KIB 309 – Contrasting Kingdoms and Preparing for the Next Move of God

The modern Church has forgotten its position regarding the world and the things of the world. Darkness corrupts, and the Kingdom brings life. In fact, the further you get into the Kingdom, the narrower the way becomes (which has great benefits!). Understanding the purpose of tarrying and preparation is essential for the Remnant to become God’s tier-one operators in the coming move of God.

KIB 242 – Activating Faith in the Kingdom

From the coronavirus in China to volcanos and earthquakes around the world, it seems that disaster (on an apocalyptic scale) is knocking at the door. However, in the Word of God, we see a prophetic picture bringing the Kingdom to a pivotal point in human history. It is time to learn how to activate our faith in the Kingdom, to learn how to walk in it, and to bring Kingdom power to those around us. Science and technology will fail us, but Jesus and His Kingdom will never fail the Remnant!

Overcoming the Matrix – Part 4 | True Legends Conference 2017

Dr. Michael Lake shares his powerful message on Overcoming the Matrix at the True Legends Conference 2017 in Branson, MO before a sold-out audience. This message will inform you regarding the overall end time plan of the enemy to rebuild Watcher technology for global control and how to move in the power of the Kingdom of God to overcome it. Special thanks to Steve Quayle and the staff at the True Legends Conference for allowing us to share this timely message with you.