Are You a Christian or Just Saved? Dr. Michael Lake Says what Churches Won’t! | Into the Multiverse

Are You a Christian or Just Saved? Dr. Michael Lake Says What Churches Won’t!

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It is probably a question you never thought to ask. Is there a difference between salvation and Christianity? Is it possible to have one without the other. What does the true Christian life look like? What does a real relationship with Jesus look like and where is the proof? Why aren’t we taught this in Church? How can you know if you are a true Christian or someone simply going through the motions? Also, if you aren’t a Christian, are there compelling reasons why you should be? Is it worth trying? How do you get started? All of these important questions and more are answered in this vitally important extended episode of Into the Multiverse with special guest, Dr. Michael Lake. What do you think?


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  1. Such wonderful information. I have shared it to my fb page, and pray that many will glean from it. Thank you so much, guys! May the Lord continue to bless you, Josh, Christina, and Dr. Mike and Mary Lou Lake!!

  2. Joy and Paul Gray

    Amen! May we seek Him so that He may increase our shadow through His holiness!
    A great teaching! Thank you for teaching Kingdom to the remnant!

  3. I am so edified by listening to these discussions, but I wish I had the opportunity to sit down and talk and pray with you and some of your friends.
    Victory begins with the Word of God on our lips and the character of Christ worked into our hearts and lives – I believe Dutch Sheets wrote in his book on Intercession.
    The body of Christ is so splintered and accusatory. Do we yet recognize our enemy? Do we recognize our brothers and sisters?
    I always felt I was a piece of the bridge, I could see from so many angles the different streams within Christianity. Are we ready to know no man after the flesh but to let the Holy Spirit connect us? You give me great hope in your broadcasts, His people are receiving His heart and His instruction!!! Thank you!!!

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