Anthony Patch – Plasma Physics and End-Time Prophecy

Anthony Patch – Plasma Physics and End-Time Prophecy

Hear the Watchmen 2 Conference | Knoxville, TN


Anthony Patch did an outstanding job at the Hear the Watchmen Conference in Knoxville, detailing the concept of Plasma Physics and the connection between CERN and the D-WAVE Quantum Computers.  Maybe he came too close to the plans of the Elite.  His presentation mysteriously disappeared from the conference system after he finished.  He had to redo his presentation on Sunday to get it on film.  There were also reports of a black military helicopter circling around the area of the hotel during the second time of presenting his materials!


revisiting_realityI am grateful to Mike Kerr and the great folks at Hear the Watchmen for releasing this timely presentation.  If you enjoyed this presentation, I encourage you to pick up Anthony’s new book that he co-authored with Josh Peck, Gonzo Shimura, and S. Douglas Woodward.



Use the link below to purchase on Amazon.

Revising Reality:  A Biblical Look into the Cosmos – Volume 1.



Here is the website for Anthony Patch:

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  1. excellent info, thanks Anthony i was not easy getting this info out.

  2. Thank you for posting this Anthony Patch’s vital talk connecting CERN and D Wave computer and many of the implications for us at this time. Noticed it kept disappearing!
    Couldn’t make the conference and this helps my understanding of Biblical
    prophecy concerning beast system and how it works today. So glad you and Mr. Patch are in fellowship. What a dynamite combination!

  3. Great information! Thank you Michael for posting and thank you Anthony for sharing your knowledge with us. I agree there will be no fear of any coming events if we continue to replenish the Oil in our Lamp. 🙂

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