Month: January 2015

The Shinar Directive – Part 10

The Shinar Directive – Part 10 Dimensional Portals, Vile Vortices, and Their Ley Lines By Michael K. Lake, Th.D. Over the past century, the Elite have been influencing key world leaders and initiating them into luciferianism. From the United Nations to the Bohemian Grove, the signature of paganism and luciferianism can be clearly seen. The […]

The Shinar Directive – Part 8

The Shinar Directive – Part 8 The Institutes of Nimrod II By Michael K. Lake, Th.D.  Freemasonry The origin of Freemasonry, according to Masonic scholars, focuses on two theories: Nimrod was the first Mason and established the order. The Knights Templar and their secrets evolved into modern-day Freemasonry. I have been asked over the years […]

The Shinar Directive Interview on The Sharpening with Josh Peck

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Josh Peck on The Sharpening.  I cannot remember enjoying an interview more than this one.  Josh even began asking questions beyond The Shinar Directive materials.  It was a great and Spirit-filled conversation. This is the first time that I have done an interview using Google Hangouts.  I was […]

Loyalty and the Knowledge of God – Biblical Life TV

Loyalty and the Knowledge of God – Biblical Life TV with Michael K. Lake, Th.D. Based on a study of Hosea 6:6, we discover that there are two affects of God’s grace.  The first, we are all familiar with — God’s unmerited favor.  The second aspect of grace is what it works within the heart of […]

The Shinar Directive – Part 7

The Shinar Directive – Part 7 The Institutes of Nimrod by Michael K. Lake, Th.D. Nimrod developed systems to replace man’s walk with God in every aspect of life with absolute dependence upon those systems of control (system vs. relationship). I believe there are three basic facets of Babylon or, as many prophecy teachers have […]

Interview with Josh Peck – Quantum Creation

KIB Episode 31: Interview with Josh Peck. Josh is the author of Disclosure: Unveiling Our Role in the Secret War of the Ancients, and Quantum Creation. In this episode, Dr. Lake discusses Josh’s book on Quantum Creation and how this book can serve as a basic primer for believers to understand both discoveries in Physics […]