KIB 309 – Contrasting Kingdoms and Preparing for the Next Move of God

The modern Church has forgotten its position regarding the world and the things of the world. Darkness corrupts, and the Kingdom brings life. In fact, the further you get into the Kingdom, the narrower the way becomes (which has great benefits!). Understanding the purpose of tarrying and preparation is essential for the Remnant to become God’s tier-one operators in the coming move of God.

KIB 308 Casting of Lots, Discernment, and Hearing from God

According to Ezekiel, being trained in the Word allows us to discern between the holy and profane and the clean and unclean (Ezek. 44:23). Yet today, the New Age continues to gain ground in the Body of Christ. The Lakes examine the biblical and cultural use of the casting of lots and how its use ceased after Acts 2. The Remnant must have the Acts 19 moment of cleansing itself from the influences of the Mystery Religions and walk once again in holiness.

Go Therefore Conference 2021

Go Therefore Conference – July 23-25, 2021 Brookville, OH The 2021 Go Therefore Conference will be July 23-25 at the Harvest Revival Center in Brookville, Ohio. Kathy and I are very excited and extremely blessed to announce this year’s line-up of speakers. They are: Dr. Michael Lake Pastor Carl Gallups Michael Boldea Jamie Walden David […]

KIB 307 A Kingdom Character Study: Goliath, Saul, and David

The Word of God is quick and powerful, and it is still able to speak to where we are today. In Goliath, we see the deep state (NWO). In Saul, we see a portion of leadership in the body that has been more interested in position than in the Kingdom. Finally, we see David and his focus on covenant and Kingdom assignments. Each profile has great prophetic significance for today!

KIB 305 – Understanding the Difference Between the Kingdoms

In our day, the understanding of the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God has been blurred. Too many times, God is blamed for what the enemy has done. In this episode, the Lakes examine several hard to understanding scriptures, such as Jacob and Esau, to bring biblical clarity regarding both the Kingdom of God and predestination. You will experience many “WOW” moments during this powerful podcast!

KIB 303 – From Pithom to Sinai

The Lakes discuss topics ripped from current headlines. Then the discussion turns to the prophetic example of Israel’s journey from slaves in Pithom to a free people around Mount Sinai. There is a spiritual danger in the transition from slave to a “freed” individual that has not been established in covenant. In fact, much of today’s hyper-grace theology is one of being freed but not understanding the dynamics of the covenant. Only in the covenant can the power of God be released into the Remnant for the days ahead.

KIB 302 – Passover, Jericho, and Bringing Down Strongholds

This episode begins with Mary discussing both ribbon and Barbie doll programming. Then, Dr. Lake examines ancient secrets regarding the foundations of Jericho and its Nephilim connection. Finally, Joshua’s biblical template of bringing down Jericho’s stronghold is examined and how these truths can be applied to your life. Remnant, it is time to move forward into God’s promises for your life!