KIB 30 – Rebuild and Expand

Rebuild and Expand

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing – Episode 30

Now after several special edition interview episodes, Dr. Michael K. Lake (author of the Shinar Directive and Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary) is getting back to teaching the Word.  In this episode, he picks up where he left on in episode 26 – Repair.  This episode continues with the prophetic word with “rebuild and expand.”
If we are going to be ready for what the prophetic future holds, we must yield to season Heaven is currently releasing.  It is a season to “repair, rebuild, and expand.”  If you have not listened to episode 26 or it has been a while since you have heard it, it might be a good idea to go back and listen to that episode before listening to this one.
We are all entering into a time of healing, restoration, rebuilding, discovery, and expansion.  Heaven is waiting for us to move into this new season so we can be prepared for wait awaits us in 2015 and beyond!

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