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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 30

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 30 BIBLICAL LIFE TV In this episode, Dr. Michael Lake discusses the reality and dynamics of the Kingdom of God, how it is directly connected to the New Birth, and exactly what the apostle Paul understood when he wrote that those that are born again have become a new creature. […]

Completing the Reformation Conference | August 25-27

2016 Convocation Messages and Updates: Dear Ones in Him, This is a reminder that our earliest $60 registration is available thru July 31st.  You can register online securely thru PayPal, or use the printable online brochure to mail it in.  We hope you will take advantage of these early discounts and join us!  Please forward […]

TSR 117: Dr. Michael Lake and Spiritual Dynamics of Two Kingdoms

TSR 117: Dr. Michael Lake and Spiritual Dynamics of Two Kingdoms In possibly the most vitally important TSR episodes to date (as you can see in the timestamped topics below), special guest Dr. Michael Lake joins host Josh Peck to provide us with the proper way to interpret difficult scriptures. Have you found yourself confused […]

KIB 51 – An Interview with Dr. John Garr

KIB 51 – An Interview with Dr. John Garr Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast In this episode, Dr. Lake interviews scholar, prolific author, and Biblical Life Alumnus, Dr. John Garr. Dr. Garr is the author of over 14 books that bring scholarship and balance to the understanding of our Hebraic Heritage. This life-filled discuss surrounds two […]

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 2

  Understanding the Kingdom – Part 2. In this new series, Dr. Michael Lake will examine how the Kingdom of God is revealed from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.  In this session, Dr. Lake addresses the question of Lucifer walking in Eden in Ezekiel (which also describes his fall) and the gap theory of Genesis […]

KIB 30 – Rebuild and Expand

Rebuild and Expand Kingdom Intelligence Briefing – Episode 30 Now after several special edition interview episodes, Dr. Michael K. Lake (author of the Shinar Directive and Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary) is getting back to teaching the Word.  In this episode, he picks up where he left on in episode 26 – Repair. […]

Repair – Rebuild – Expand | Biblical Life TV

Prophetic Word for This Season:  Repair | Rebuild | Expand There are ten primary remembrances for which the shofar is blown on the Festival of Trumpets. Each of these remembrances highlights a unique aspect of the festival:  The Coronation of the King The Call to Repentance (Ten Days of Awe) The Giving of the Torah […]

Interview with Rob Skiba: Conspiracy, Nephilim, and the Last Days

Interview with Rob Skiba: Conspiracy, Nephilim, and the Last Days Kingdom Intelligence Briefing – Episode 23 In this episode, Dr. Lake interviews researcher, author, and filmmaker, Rob Skiba.  Both of Rob’s books are discussed:  (1) Babylon Rising and (2) Archon Invasion.   The significance of our Hebraic Heritage with our understanding of the Last Days […]

KIB – Episode 22: The Power of Remembering (Spiritual Warfare Game-Changer!)

Spiritual Warfare Game-Changer. One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to forget who we have become in Christ, while continually reminding us who we were before Christ. It is human nature to gravitate toward what we are focusing on. There is power in remembering both what God has done for us […]

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