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A Biblical Look at Speaking in Tongues | UTK – Part 50

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 50 A Biblical Look at the Gift of Tongues Biblical Life TV In today’s teaching, Dr. Michael K. Lake connects Acts 2, the fire of God descending on Mount Sinai, the Tower of Babel, and 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 – 14.  God initiated His covenant with Israel with fire and expanded […]

KIB 133 – Lessons from Pentecost Part 2

  Lessons from Pentecost – Part 2 Kingdom Intelligence Briefing On today’s podcast, Dr. Lake and Mary complete the second part of their discussion on Pentecost.  Dr. Lake discusses the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts, Chapter 2.  They contrast the holy fire of God with strange fire that is manifesting in some churches […]

KIB 85 – The True Spiritual Dynamics of Shavuot

KIB 85 – The True Spiritual Dynamics of Shavuot Kingdom Intelligence Briefing There are several important things in this podcast.  First, Mary Lou shares about a prophetic dream that she had regarding powerful individuals in the U.S. that had made sure that a nuclear weapon was in the hands of the enemies of this country […]