Tag: Feast of Tabernacles

KIB 231 – Tabernacles and the Supernatural Waters of Messiah

There are many powerful lessons to be learned from the Feast of Tabernacles. Tabernacles speaks of Emmanuel – God dwelling with us. It reminds us that we are merely dwelling in tents and that we are looking for the city whose builder and maker is God. The Lulav teaches us that no matter what our condition is, we all need Jesus. John 7 details what Jesus did on the Last Great Day of Tabernacles: He declared the coming and infilling of the Holy Spirit. In this prophetic moment, we all need a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit to work God’s plan in our lives and to show others their need for Jesus!

KIB 225 – Celebrating the Fall Feasts

In this episode (and by popular demand), the Lakes share about the Feasts of the LORD and include ideas for decorations and activities to make the Feasts memorable and biblical for your family. They also share about the upcoming Marriage to the Beast ceremony and the need to pray against the high satanic event this coming weekend.