Tag: Coming Revival

KIB 346 – Leaving the Taskmasters Behind

As we approach Passover, we need to realize that the completed work of Messiah has freed us from the taskmasters that formerly enslaved us.  Yet, it is so easy to take these taskmasters with us in our heads as we are walking out of Egypt. Yet, we are in a prophetic season in which the Holy Spirit is working to untangle us from the taskmasters of the past so that we can walk in the power of the Kingdom that is to come!

KIB 345 – The Power of the Blood of Jesus

In this episode, the Lakes example both the need for a blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins and the power that resides in the blood of Jesus.  They also discuss how the Feasts are a cycle of sanctification for the believer and how one must be led by the Holy Spirit in their preparation each year.  As we move forward into the prophetic days ahead, the Remnant needs to be sanctified and matured to complete their Kingdom assignments.

KIB 344 – God’s Warning About Being Stiff-Necked

hour that the Body of Christ needs to deal with its stiff-necked tendencies.  This condition can occur from simply being set in “our” ways to deep wounds from our past.  We are currently in a period of grace to deal with these issues to prepare for what is coming in the days ahead.  Like the SEAL Teams in our military, we must adapt and overcome (adapt biblically to be in the position to overcome).

KIB 343 – The Spirits Behind the Conflict

Nothing is as it appears.  Behind the scenes, ancient spirits are working.  On the world stage, the public is seldomly told the truth as the priesthood of darkness moves the pieces on their global chessboard.  Yet, when the spirits that are empowering the work are revealed to the Body of Christ and prayer warriors engage, the plans of darkness will unravel.  We are at that moment in our day.

KIB 342 – How Are We Tending God’s Vineyard?

in His fields.  These warnings are a biblical part of Israel’s history:  both in Isaiah’s time and after the resurrection of Messiah.  However, these warnings also speak to our day.  Those who call themselves “Christians” have built their personal mini kingdoms, created false idols and called them Jesus, and produced bad fruit in the Father’s vineyards.  Judgment is standing at the door in our day.  Some will be judged, and others promoted:  this will be a visitation from the LORD.

KIB 339 – The Unlimited River of God

Every evening on the news, we are confronted with a river of fear:  war, crime, pandemic, and lies.  Yet, another river can overcome fear, stop wars, heal bodies and souls, and restore nations.  There is a river that flows from the very throne of God.  In this dark hour, it is the task of the Remnant to remove any obstruction to God’s River flowing through them.  We need the flowing of God’s River for ourselves and those caught in darkness all around us!

KIB 338 – The Supernatural Power of Endurance

The priesthood of darkness is fueled by hate.  However, the priesthood of the Kingdom is fueled by grace.  Grace, vision, and endurance are all connected and work synergistically in the believer’s life.  We are in a season in which endurance is essential because it will assist in manifesting the promises of God (Heb. 10:35-36).  Heaven is waiting to release grace and vision to produce endurance into the lives of the Remnant today!

KIB 336 – The Kingdom and How to Pray in 2022

Heaven is waiting.  Heaven is waiting for us to pray the right prayers so that the Kingdom would be released in the world in a fresh and powerful way.  The Almighty wants to place Kingdom desires in the heart of the Remnant and a new anointing to pray them through unto fruition.  Peace can be wrought, plagues stopped, and the plans of the Elite delayed.  Now is the time to align with the throne of God.