KIB 112 | 2017 – A Year of Pressing into the Kingdom

KIB M and M Edition Podcast

KIB 112 | 2017 – A Year of Pressing into the Kingdom

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

After a refreshing two-week break, Dr. Lake and Mary return to the podcasts invigorated and anxious to talk to their partners around the world about what is going on in the Kingdom.  Dr. Lake discusses reestablishing our relationship with God in prayer and with the written Word of God.  He explains understanding spiritual warfare as warrior priests in the End Times.  During this discussion, he addresses a question regarding pleading or applying the blood of Jesus and where the concept is found in the Scriptures.  Dr. Lake and Mary convey their excitement about a fresh anointing being released in the coming months; we will experience a year of setting captives free and establishing balance in the homes.  Mary talks about what she has been hearing from the Holy Spirit concerning God’s hidden treasures, His people being brought out of Lodebar and being seated at the King’s table.
Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling book, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and the newly released  book, The Sheeriyth Imperative: Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.

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  1. Mike & Mary, When I heard your podcast today I shouted for joy! Thank you for confirming the word in reference to our Melchizedek order which I have been studying for the past week or so. What made my joy more so. Whilst cooking our meal just last evening I heard in my spirit you are not in Lo-debar not taking much notice because I was occupied. Then when you mentioned the word and so on. You can imagine the joy that filled my heart. Thank you both. Blessings.

  2. Mike and Mary, Thank you so much for this podcast. I thought for sure my life was a total waste at 57 yo and now I am looking forward to God’s plan for me. Thank you for your teachings and the resources you have suggested for they have provided a safety zone so I can study and become stronger in God’s word. You guys sound so refreshed! Good for you.

  3. Can you explain why you say the watchers were released at the beginning of the 20th century? Is there some kind of evidence we should be aware of? What are we looking for?

    1. I already covered this in my first book, The Shinar Directive.

  4. Dear Michael and Mary,
    I’m so delighted to have found you guys.
    I listened to Defusing Hell’s Reactor and had to share it with my tribe.
    Today, listening to this Podcast I hear you talk about speaking in tongues.
    Since I’ve been digging deep in the Hebrew heritage, I’ve encountered people who are doubting that speaking in strange tongues is really Biblical.
    Apart from Acts and Corinthians I can’t find anything to say that we should really speak in tongues that no one understand?
    I was filled with the Holy Spirit, (as we called it), when I was 14, now I’m 62 and questioning whether I have been grieving the spirit with my babbling.

    1. I am Spirit-Filled and believe firmly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We have many coming into the Hebraic Roots Movement and bring many of their traditional denominational beliefs with them. Those of a Baptist background tend to retain their belief that the gifts passed away with the completion of the Bible when they embrace their Hebraic heritage.

    2. Hey Rita, it may be that you’re babbling and not truly speaking in tongues. But the way to be sure is to truly pray for the gift of speaking in tongues to flow through you. I used to believe the speaking in tongues of Pentecostals was demonic, I was quite out there… But God has forgiven my former ignorance… I prayed earnestly to receive the ability to speak in tongues and then before I literally felt an “adjustment”, a moving, in my jaw, and then I slowly began to speak in tongues. If I had to describe how it sounds, I would say a sort of Hebrew or Arabic. That’s how it sounds! This is real! But maybe it will sound different when you speak “mysteries” to God.

      God bless you!

      1. Hi,

        Thank you so very much for your reply.

        Well it seems that I have to do some serious praying. I have also been convinced that what I’m speaking is demonic, but I have spoken it for the last
        48 years, have had some interpretation whilst in meetings with other believers.
        I’m just so afraid that I might be grieving the Ruach HaKodesh.
        so fasting and praying is on the cards, till I get confirmation that my tongues are from Him.

        Greetings and blessings

  5. When I was 14 I was in a meeting where we were doing just that, praying for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
    I had the most awesome experience. When my tongues came down they came down a stairway of light with huge pillars going up to the sky, there was such a flowing coming directly from heaven, that maybe I should also just ask for forgiveness and keep speaking in the tongues that YHWH gave me on that wonderful day. I was not in this world on that night. When I got home to my parents, I fell down on my knees beside their bed and carried on speaking in tongues.

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