KIB 253 – It’s Time to Shout During the Pandemic

KIB 253 – It’s Time to Shout During the Pandemic

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Every believer knows the story of Passover and its marked victory over Pharaoh.  However, few realize that there was another victory during the Feast of Unleavened Bread against a Nephilim-based stronghold – Jericho.  It was during the days of Unleavened Bread that Israel marched around the walls of Jericho and ended with a mighty shout that brought the walls down.  The same thing can happen today with the pandemic agenda of the Elite.  This episode is a call to action for the Remnant worldwide!

Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference 2016

Nephilim Secrets in the Walls of Jericho Video:

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary. He is the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative:  Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.  Dr. Lake is a popular speaker at national Christian conferences and is a frequent guest on many Christian TV and radio/podcast programs in North America.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.


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  1. Ed & Dee Phillips

    We plan to blow the shofar and shout praises to the Lord at 11 a.m. Indiana time. Keep on keeping on. We look forward to each KIB broadcast.

  2. Your message regarding Jericho was not only a direct confirmation of what the LORD has me doing daily for the last month now but it came at the EXACT MOMENT when I arrived at “Jericho”! Wow! My faith level is “through the roof”!
    I will be joining you and blowing my shofar and giving the shout at my Jericho on Wednesday at 8:00AM.

  3. Glory to God! Thank you both (and the Lord) for this timely message. I’ve sent an invitation to a number of people, to join in this Wednesday for a Jericho moment. I love it! Thank you, and may God shine His favor upon you, your loved ones, and your ministry.

  4. This broadcast is what I have been praying for for a year now, this shout out to YHWH on Wednesday 15th. There seems to be a preponderance of capitulation thinking in this current C19 overtaking many of even the most devout of our brothers and sister which this Jericho broadcast so fundamentally underpins.

    I love the work of M&M Lake, for the hope it never fails to raise, from the core of all you speak.

    The call to wake up must surely be tempered and driven by that very joy which underpins faith in our Messiah, that which always shines forth so strongly in the work in KIB.

    I am someone without any church background, 66 years old to whom for sixty years, Jesus was a myth, God a dirty word while I forged on through digging under the dirt in search of what lay beneath the vileness and treachery over running the earth.

    After a decade of research, I had a dream which in itself is quite amazing. I was walking in the palace gardens with so called Queen Elisabeth. She was diffident, as I stated, I want to know everything, implying that the game was up. Furtively she pressed into my arms two books. One was William Shakespeare. Now interestingly at the time I had this dream I had just completed a two week study of Frances, Bacon, the New Atlantis.. The second book was covered in brown paper, suggesting to me that the information contained therein was hidden. I have taken them from Philip’s private library, she said, as though having committed a treasonable crime. A few days later I was in an old second hand shop, and there was the book, covered in brown paper. It happened to be a King James Bible. What happened after that of course is a whole other story, trying to read it and not having the eyes to see. Then Jesus turned up, and so that’s how it’s been the last eighteen months, I live and breathe the LORD’s word and have managed to find a few trust men and women who indeed love the Lord, you two, and probably about four others, that is as few as I found, not for want of seeking. showing themselves to be true Lovers of Christ.

    One of the first things I read was Timothy: Study to be approved, there it was! My course laid out for me right there in that verse! I said: if I took four years to do a languages degree and another seven to do medicine, how should I dare discard the Holy Book without giving it equal time and attention. As I progressed I learned about Paul, his tree years in Arabia. So this is what I call this foundational period in my biblical scholarship, and my walk with the LORD: Three years in Arabia, I thought I might write a book for new believers, of that title, the LORD always say, don;t rush, be thorough, so I have assumed Paul as my exemplar on how to become really solid for ministry, meantime my spiritual combat is prayer.
    Not getting away though from the point of When I first heard those words to Timothy, thunder from the mouth of Dr Michael Lake I literally felt the shaking power of the Most High and every cell inmate reverberated with the anointing of the Holy SPirit.

    Since then these KIB podcasts are fundamental to my study week, every week, no exception, this week again I feel the shaking!

    I weep for joy, as it seems so often when I pray and commune with the Divine, being alone, in Rural Ireland moving among a sleeping, dense RCC community it feels as if I alone am living, among the walking dead, and helpless to do anything else I started to prayer walk for those bands of mind contralto be broken. I learned prayer walking from Heny Gruver, walking and driving the length and breath of the island, back and forth across the border, where the bones of the unnumbered innocents lie scattered after being snatched from right under a mother’s nose on one pretext or other. Such is the depth of the RCC trance. The trauma induced myopia.

    Our All Mighty God showed me in my own life miracle after miracle as He taught me to pray to produce fruit, for His Glory.

    Marilou how you pray continues to be a great inspiration, each week I learn so much from you and the lesson is always underpinned by that most crucial and fundamental percept, that the LORD is MIGHY, Gracious, Merciful, Powerful above all vile and filthy adversary, is gentle, is joyful, so it is especially amazing to hear today’s podcast concerning 15th April to gather the flock together for His Praise. Curiously, about a month ago, just after lockdown in fact, pondering what I one single floating island, could do to break this spell of C19: then graciously was I inspired with a vision of me sitting up in the forest, buried on a hilltop, on the edge of the town, situated to one side the southern border and the other the northern. In my mind’s eye I saw myself blowing the shofar and shattering to smithereens, to dust those walls of mental captivity, and lo, guess what, you call to come with a shout and a shofar.
    And before I close I want to share a funny little vignette. So in love was I with the Lord in those first days of my translation, yearning to honour the Lord I decided to learn some Hebrew, the Shema in fact. Somehow the words resisted utterance forcing me to sing them. Now I had never a singing voice,I was tone deaf, but lo during those first two months of getting to know the LORD, that changed, one of the first of so many miracles being I was gifted a sweet and melodious voice, which just developed as I endeavoured to sing the words, it was a curious case of the words finding their own pitch. Walking the long Donegal beaches on the daily outing with the dog, it developed and became powerful, projecting itself right out across the bay to the houses and villages rooted along the low lying hills overlooking the water. At certain points along the beach could be heart the noises of life from the other side, so I knew I could be heard. I found this very amusing, the the Lord was using someone who had never sung a note to now operatically project His Shema out and into the homes of hundreds of people, to whom there would be varying levels of audacity. I did that for eighteen months, adding to the repertoire, full psalms and ending up writing songs of praise and singing them out, usually in the bathroom where the acoustics were fantastic. I no longer live there. As quick and unexpectedly as the Lord placed me there, four weeks before the C19 he snatched me out of it. How amazing are His Works, for had I not learned to be keen to the voice of the Lord I might still be stuck there, whereas instead the Lord has brought me to the hills, where He said we should flee when the sings begin to appear.

    But the funny side is that the dog, at the uttering of the first syllable of the Shema leapt deliriously alive, stretching his voice in unison, at certain notes joining in and stretching his long strain out as long as mine until at times it seemed he might be in competition to Glorify the Lord.

    It sounds crazy, doesn’t it, that the dog just loves the Shema! Whenever he gets nature or disobedient to his commands I only need to shape my lips to utter SH…..and he’s there at my feet, hopping and skipping and jumping to sing the Shema!

    If I had tech skills I should put a video online to cheer people up, with a banner to the effect: “If my dog loves the Most High, why won’t you”. It could happen yet,

    I recall first reading how the troops circumambulated Jericho for six days and instantaneously I determined to find a Shofar, I could not find one in Ireland.

    Oh the Lord works mighty though you Marilou are marvellous! This calling of yours for the 15th is just about the most amazing proposition, I could have imagined. I have never had an online presence, i have no tv since I threw it in the bin in 1992. The same goes for music and all extraneous stuff, it is a decade now the i have lived without the world, the Lord though I did not know it was preparing me to be able to receive His Word.

    I struck me with the way the evil ones mess with God’s people. How wondering were you to initiate from your platform after the 15th, a regular practice, say on a certain date per month, at a given time, so the remnant would always continue to do that, worldwide, even if the grid went down, don’t you think that would be a powerful way to use you platform? A mighty thing to get in place to wage a fierce fight and drive back the enemy even if and whey they stip away the technology from those who would uses it to God’s purpose. We don’t need it when we strategise and follow the example of those men of God like at Jericho.

    I will be there on the 15th, am already preparing….Bless the LORD for the brilliant instruments you both are for his WORD: learning and growing in the Lord these eighteen months has been fascinating, an awesome few steps in the eternal journey, no room exists for doubt at all about the unique and crushing might of His Power when He wields it…lets all shout out for that and blow our shofars and God bless you both and your families, and all who make possible KIB

    1. Anna what a gift of encouragement you are! New believers have
      an energy and spark that rejuvenates the long time believers. I love how God is working in your life. And your dog, a precious part of His creation too. Ha. So cute.

  5. Thank you for revealing truth! It is refreshing to hear truth being preached. May Yahveh bless you!

  6. look at the SuspiciousObservers youtube channel. They have three programs that explain the solar system catastrophe cycle,

  7. Our family will be joining you from Alaska. Peace and Blessings

  8. This family will be joining from South Africa on 15th April.

  9. Hallelujah!!!
    I have blown the shofar and raised shout with you at 10:00 am CST.!!!!
    Father showed me last night:
    The plague has been checked!!!
    Num. 16:50
    Love you guys!!

  10. We – Praised and shouted with our team for the entire hour. 2 of our team drove around the entire city outskirts of a 4 mile radius outside the city gates seven times. ( City of Lloydminster. AB/SK, Canada) It is finished – Amen – The occult walls have come down! Ended with the loudest rams horn shout!! Halleluah! All Glory to God! “And the name of the city from that time on shall be the Lord is there”!
    A Promise from 9 years back- 2011! Love you guys! Thank-you for the remnant warrior training!

  11. Christine Neilsen

    Oh how wonderful. God is so amazing and I wish I had checked my emails yesterday!! I’missed this shout and shofar blowing by half a day. I know it’s not the same now. But can I still do it? I realise the point was for all Christians to do it at the same time, but I just found you! Is there any chance of another session or was this a once off event. I feel terrible like I’ve let God down. Like one of the foolish virgins God Forbid. Forgive me Lord please and let the shout and shofar unity release healing on the earth in Jesus Holy Name.✝️♥️

  12. Hi Dr Lake and Mary Lou
    I joined in at 10:00am from Jamaica.
    I am so very grateful for your ministry which is like a stream in the dessert. You both are a blessing. Thanks for your prayers, love and dedication.

    Blessings and Shalom!

  13. Thank you for this awesome message! Participated today in prayers and blowing the shofar to take down the walls of the Corona virus and the evil agenda surrounding it. Shared this with many others who have prayed as well.
    Excited to hear God’s praise reports as He defeats all the work of the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus!

    1. Monique Lightbourne

      Elated and blessed that I was able to join in from Florida!

  14. I blew my shofars at the appointed time this morning. Curiously the Yemenite, which I blow just before the start of Shabbat Friday eve, does not arouse the dogs but today both did starting with my ram’s horn.

  15. I did it! What else can we do? I was wondering what would happen if people, instead of protesting, surrounded the office of one of these demonically inspired politicians and cast out the demons. Maybe we could pick a target and do that together at a certain time from our homes instead.

    1. You can bind up the demons. If you case them out and the folks do not fill themselves with the Holy Spirit, Jesus said that seven more powerful would come in. We also need to seek the face of God to release warring angels that will fight against the principalities and powers that are promoting this hellish agenda.

  16. I live in louisiana and when you mentioned Jericho being in a demonically charged bowl all i could think about was new Orleans and jow it’s a vig bowl and how much iniquity takes place there. You can feel the oppression before you even make it across the bridge to enter the city

  17. I’m new to this site and God brought me here in an interesting way! To keep it short this was exactly the message I needed. God had put on my heart to read Joshua this last week and I found out why today, even though I just found you I’m in agreement with the message.

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