KIB 194 – The Prophetic Cycle of the Kingdom

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KIB 194 – The Prophetic Cycle of the Kingdom

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The year is not over yet!  The biblical year is different than the civil year, so we still have a few months to go.  Learn how the prophetic cycle of the biblical year brings you and your family into sync with the Kingdom of God, while the Greco-Roman based calendar and holidays bring you into sync with the modern Tower of Babel.  There is a great victory, a greater anointing, and a supernatural refreshing for the Remnant in this day as they leave Egypt/Babylon behind and press into the Kingdom of God!

Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is the author of the best-selling books, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and The Sheeriyth Imperative:  Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell.  Dr. Lake is a popular speaker at national Christian conferences and is a frequent guest on many Christian TV and radio/podcast programs in North America.

Mary Lou Lake has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for over 30 years and is the author of the book, What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know – Expanded Edition.

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  1. My wife and i are off grinders in colorado…and the laws of this state seem to be going farther and farther away from gods word and plans…

    Our problem is that we have no where to go…please pray for folks like us…God bless you and this incredible ministry to the remnant…

    1. Mary and I daily lift up the Remnant for empowerment, protection, and direction.

  2. Brother Mike concerning the “Feasts” can you recommend a calendar that shows the feast days that is accurate? I’m terriable at math is there a way I can figure out Gods time clock?
    Thank you again explaining the holidays origins and how to get out of them.

    1. We tried using the Barley Harvest from Israel for a good number of years. However, it proved impossible for folks to schedule time off at work and many other problems. After a lot of time in prayer, we have gone with the traditional Jewish calendar that Israel is using today. The Holy Spirit has always honored those times. Everyone can schedule time off at work well in advance. And we have discovered that the occult will try into some way to desecrate those days as well.

  3. Terrific word, full of hope, grace and SHALOM! Having only just now listened to the podcast, it was confirming in more than one way: especially since one of the first things I had done this morning was go to the book of Psalms and, starting with Ps. 36, begin reading. Spot on to what you and Mary were saying, Michael! WOW, what a BLESSING.
    So good to hear you both again…I, for one, truly needed this message, especially from those I love and respect.

  4. Excellent talk on the Jewish Holidays pointing to the Way of Right Living.
    Mahalo from your Messianic Jew friend from Hawaii Kai, Oahu.

  5. Wonderful session! What is the DVD that you mentioned regarding the occult holidays? Thank you for your faithfulness. I have had it on my heart for several years for a place for biblical healing, and love that you mentioned that as well

    1. Dr. Lake shared the title in the podcast: America’s Occult Holidays by Doc Marquis. 🙂

  6. Christine Kendrick

    I continue to thank God for you both over and over and over and over again. Your teachings, prayers, prophetic insights all spoken in truth and love have revolutionized my spiritual life and understanding.
    Mary Lou, when you spoke of the pastor and demon situation, I knew EXACTLY of whom you were speaking as I had just listened to that same podcast a day or two before listening to this podcast. Love how I am spiritually synced to you both and this ministry. Grace and peace to you both….

  7. I listened a 2nd time.and as usual I can’t believe how much more there is to gain.

    Colorado has sold it’s soul to the spirit of pharmakea among other thjings…it’s becoming more and more apparent how much this affects us in terms of spiritual warfare…

    I am asking God for boldness…but I know the second heaven is really where this comes is scary…thanks for the recent teachi vs on this matter…

    In a teaching from a conference you published about the definition of the remnant my heart leaped…
    You said God is getting ready to do a thing.any idea how far away this is…I know the conference was over a year ago..many Im Sure out here are asking the same thing..

  8. Great to hear you back online again after your well-deserved break. It felt like I was catching up with friends. I’m always inspired and encouraged by what you post. Many blessings from Australia.

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